Why Do Dogs Bark?

Barking is probably one of the most negative qualities attributed to dogs and/or Shih Tzu. Incessant barking is always irritating to owners and anyone surrounding the incessant barking dog or Shih Tzu.

Shih Tzu barks for a variety of reasons. Owners need to find out what is causing the barking before the problem can be successfully addressed.

Some twelve thousand years ago primitive man and the domestic dog’s ancestors coexisted rather than shared intimate relationships we enjoy today with their descendants. As dogs begin to show friendliness, playfulness and alarm barking humans began to domesticate them. As humans began to appreciate the dog’s presence a bond was woven between humans and dog companions over time.

Barking due to territoriality most likely served as an alarm function in days when it was even more important that it is today to know when someone or something was encroaching upon human territory.

Another characteristic “some” dogs, and definitely includes our Shih Tzu is its appearance to the human eye. Dogs that are cute with infantile facial features which stimulate human parenting instincts provide additional bonding.

All domestic dogs bark, including the Shih Tzu. Once a chorus starts every dog within hearing distance will join in. Soon you have a “barking” orchestra, and if you are lucky enough to be hard of hearing at that time wearing your hearing aids, just simply pull them out until the concert is over……..

Barking is one way dogs and Shih Tzu communicates with each other and with their human companions. I have heard some of my Shih Tzu actually say words during their barking sessions. Duke will say: “I’m Mad.” “I’m Mad,” and at that time I am certain his barking is most definitely because he is mad about something. His word was toward one of his buddies. When Duke wants to be where I am and he is in a spot in which he feels “trapped,” cannot get to me, his bark is much different. It is more like a “scream.” He has not put words together yet, but I feel fairly certain he probably is saying to me: “let me come in there, I can’t wait any longer, I want in there now!” Once I allow him his wishes, his barking stops.

Owners need to find out the cause of their Shih Tzu’s barking and then proceed with steps to solve the problem. There is no way around it. All dogs, including Shih Tzu, bark from time to time. Some are more vocal than others, just as humans, some humans talk more than others. I have Shih Tzu that rarely if ever bark for any reason.

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