How To Potty Train Your Old Dog

All dogs need ground rules setting, regardless of the proposed use of those ground rules. In the case of obedience training you need to establish who is in charge and teach your dog to listen to your commands. In the case of potty training dog it is not only to keep your home looking and smelling clean but it also benefits the dog as well. Dogs are not messy animals by nature and they would much rather mess outside than where they sit and eat. It is usually necessity or bad training that leads to a dog messing in the house instead of the yard.

Start potty training as young as you possibly can. It really is never too early to learn and dogs are at their most susceptive when they are still very young puppies. Get them into a set routine as soon as you start training and make sure that you always stick to that routine as stringently as you possibly can. This routine is the one thing that will really help you and your dog get used to your new plan. Be aware that most puppies will need to go out every two to three hours during training but once they are trained and well practiced they should be able to last the full eight hours of the night.

Puppies specifically need to go first thing in the morning, last thing at night and approximately half an hour after eating and these are the times you should base the rest of your schedule around. It also means that firstly you should not leave food down for the dog all the time. You should give set meals at set times and again stick to these times. This will help your dog and it will also benefit you in keeping to the schedule.

Always keep your eyes peeled and if you see your puppy or your dog doing anything that might indicate it needs to go to the toilet then you should take him out. If you happen to catch him in the act then you should pick him up while he is still finishing up and take him out to your designated area. Let him finish and then pet him for going outside. If you come home to find your dog has messed in the house while you have been out it is too late to punish the dog. They will not associate your reprimand with the mess but simply with you coming home.