Stop Dog Chewing - Dog Behavior Training

If you own a dog there's every chance you will encounter dog chewing problems. This article outlines the common reasons why dogs chew, and also how to stop your dog from chewing.

When puppies and dogs chew it is a perfectly natural behavior, just very annoying for us dog owners.

Sometimes the chewing can be a dangerous habit for your dog. Things like electric wires, poisons and any number of other objects can cause serious harm to your dog.

Common Reasons Why Puppies and Dogs Chew

- Lonely or boredom.

- Separation anxiety, often occurs if you work long hours away from home.

- When they are teething.

- Through fear or a phobia.

- Seeking attention.

- Through anticipation, dogs often chew just before their owner is due to arrive home.

Dogs chew just about anything they can wrap their mouths around. My dogs love chewing socks, shoes, furniture and my whippet actually chewed a large whole in the side of our house!

How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing

Always keep in mind that your dog can't tell the difference between a $200 pair of shoe's and an old rag. And he is not chewing to spite you, dogs don't think like us humans.

- The best way to stop your dog from chewing is to actually stop the habit before it forms. This requires you to not leave your dog in a situation where he can chew something that you don't want him to. If your dog chews while you are away from home, keep your dog in his crate or in a kennel run. If you can't or don't like restraining your dog in this manner, just make sure you remove any objects that you don't want chewed.

- If your dog has a particular liking for something like a furniture leg you could try this method. Coat the object with a foul tasting substance (non toxic) such as bitter apple, cayenne pepper or tabasco sauce. This method often works, but can just transfer the chewing behavior to a different object.

- If you catch your dog in the act of chewing, give a firm "No!" and replace with a tasty chew toy. Give praise when he starts chewing on the toy. Never ever reprimand your dog if you don't catch him in the act of chewing. If you don't issue your correction within about two seconds of his chewing behavior, he won't have a clue what you are disciplining him for.

- A good solution for treating any dog behavioral problems is to give them some obedience training. You will gain the trust and respect of your dog by doing this, and it will also provide your dog with some mental stimulation.

- Give your dog lots of exercise, physical and as mentioned above, mental.

- Provide your dog with a few of his favorite, tasty dog chews. Don't give him dozens of them as he may then believe he can chew anything. Just give him a couple of good one's, and make it clear to him that if he wants to chew, it must be on his toys.

By applying the above methods, adding a bit of common sense and patience you should be able to quickly stop your dog from chewing. Good luck.