Afghan Hound

General Information


  • Afghan Girls - Personal site of Xena and Georgia Peach includes breed information, health links, and a photograph gallery.
  • Afghan Hound , Galgo Afgano - Breed description, pictures, and a discussion board. A tribute to the dogs, Greta and Huily. In English and Spanish.
  • Afghan Hounds - Meet Sedan and Kabul and enjoy some of the history of the breed.
  • El Tayranil's Afghan Hounds - Pictures, stories, pedigrees, and links.

Rescues And Shelters


  • Adorah - Photographs of the dogs with their show records. Burleson, Texas.
  • Aries - Kennel information with show pictures and pedigrees. Virginia.
  • Chandani - History of kennel and breed, and photograph gallery. Waco, Texas.
  • Chandhara - Breeding for show and coursing. Pedigrees and photographs. Frederick, Maryland.
  • Dragonfly - Kennel information, photos, and upcoming litters. Connecticut.
  • Honeywood Hounds - Photographs, stories and pedigrees of the dogs with a history of the breed. Bay City, Michigan.
  • Hosanna - Photographs and breed information. Edmonton, Kentucky.
  • Hounds Of Allure - Litter announcements, and photographs of dogs and coursing shows. Zoar, Ohio.
  • Jendar - Breeder and kennel information, photographs and pedigrees. Alabama.
  • Kia - Breeding for pet or show. Photographs of dogs, litter announcements, and kennel history. Itsaca, Texas.
  • Komar - Breeder and exhibitor involved in shows and lure coursing. Kennel history, pedigrees, photographs, and show records. Liberty Hill, Texas.
  • Renaissance - Kennel history and pictures. Offers adult dogs, puppies and stud service. Iowa.
  • Sha Zahn - Provides kennel history and pictures of champions. Colebrook, New Hampshire.
  • Sharrah - Show news, photographs, pedigrees, and kennel background. Illinois.
  • Showtime Kennels - Kennel and breed history, litter announcements, and photographs. Galway, New York.
  • Victorian - Photographs and pedigrees for breeder in Apollo, Pennsylvania.
  • Zenth - Litter announcements, dog ownership tips, pedigrees, and links. Maryland.
  • Ziv Hii - Pictures and information about past and present dogs. Artwork and links.
  • Afghans with Attitude - Kennel information with show pictures and pedigrees. Denmark.
  • Al Khabara - Kennel history, show results, litter announcements, and photographs. Estonia.
  • Anam Cara Cu - Litter announcements and show schedule.
  • Ben Bens Kennel - Kennel information and pictures. Budapest, Hungary.
  • Casa de Braty Kennel - Kennel information with pictures and pedigrees. Bucharest, Romania.
  • Celestian - Kennel history, litter announcements and photographs. Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Chakdarra - Pictures, pedigrees, and litter announcements. New Zealand.
  • Charsada - Photographs and pedigrees of their dogs. Canfield, Ontario, Canada.
  • Gypsy Kennels - Kennel information with pictures. Toronto, Ontario.
  • Harlextan - Picture gallery, funny photographs, and kennel history. Thoroton, England.
  • Ingenue - Kennel history, litter announments, photographs, news, and guestbook. Finland.
  • Ishkur Kennels - Photographs of the dogs winning at shows and lure coursing. Canada.
  • Jahera - Kennel information with pictures. United Kingdom.
  • Jazayha - Photographs, stories of dogs, information on litters planned, and show results of this Swedish kennel.
  • Kennel Samolon - Kennel history, news, family trees of different dogs, and contact information. Located in Denmark. Available in English and Danish.
  • Khandhu - Photographs, pedigrees, and kennel history. Vineyard, Australia.
  • Krist -Wil - Kennel history, show results, photographs. and pedigrees. Poland. [English and Polish].
  • Krych - Photographs, pedigrees, and show news. Poland.
  • Nachtmusik - Kennel involved in showing, racing and coursing. Photographs of dogs, with their pedigrees and awards won. Coursing rules from around the world. Carp, Ontario, Canada.
  • Portrait - Photographs and pedigrees of their dogs.
  • Sakkarra Afghans - Photographs of the dogs, puppy pictures, show wins, newsletter, and Afghan art.
  • Simurg - Pedigrees, photographs, and contact information. Located in Russia. Available in English and Russian.
  • Sumahari Afghans - Kennel information and pictures. England.
  • Summerstorm - Kennel history, litter announcements, and photographs. Sweden.
  • Tambang - Photographs, pedigrees, and litter announcements. United Kingdom.
  • Tulak - Pictures, pedigrees, and news. United Kingdom.
  • Ultimate Choice - Litter announcements, puppies, news, and links. Netherlands.
  • Varius Avis - Photograph gallery and litter announcements. Located in Poland.
  • Yhazin - Show and coursing results, photographs, forum, guestbook, and links. Sweden.
  • Zanzara - Kennel history, pedigrees, and photographs. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. [English and French].
  • ZoSo - Photographs, pedigrees, links, and items for sale.
  • Zushkhan - Breeder of Afghan Hounds, English Springer Spaniels, and German Shorthaired Pointers. Photographs and profiles.
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