Airedale Terrier

General Information

  • Airedale Terrier FAQ   - Provides history, care and training of the breed. Information on puppies, health problems, activities, as well as club and rescue organizations included.
  • Airedale Terrier - A general description and assessment of the breed along with a short history.
  • Airedale Terrier Breed Standard - The official description of the breed as provided by the American Kennel Club (AKC).
  • Airedale Terrier Web Ring - A ring for Airedale owners, Airedale fans & "soon to be owners" of Airedale Terriers.
  • Airedale-L - The Airedale Terrier Discussion List site. Information on how to subscribe to the list, links to members' pages and links to Airedale Rescue sites.
  • AiredaleTerriers.org - An information and referral resource for those who need help for an Airedale or want to add an Airedale to their household.
  • ATCA Hunting & Working Committee - Information on the hunting Airedale, the Airedale Terrier Club of America tests and titles, the Airedale's heritage and today's all purpose Airedale.


Rescues And Shelters

  • Airedale Rescue Group - We focus on rescue in the southern United States. Specifically we cover Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina and neighboring states.
  • Airedale Terrier Club of America Rescue and Adoption Committee - Guidelines and policies, list of volunteers, listings of lost and found dogs.
  • Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption - Information on adoption, book recommendations and pictures and descriptions of available Airedales. Based in Michigan and serving surrounding states.
  • Airedale-l - Airedale-l rescue and adoption contacts.
  • Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue - All-volunteer network who finds homes for purebred dogs lost, abandoned or surrendered in the states of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and South California. Breed description, frequently asked questions, volunteer needs, and adoption policies.

  • Alea Terracotta - Photographs, pedigrees, and breed information. Hungary. [English and Hungarian].
  • Buxton - Kennel background, photographs, pedigrees, grooming tips, and frequently asked questions. Gauteng, South Africa.
  • Fairyland - Kennel information, show pictures, and pedigrees. Argentina.
  • Galina's - Show results with pictures, Aire-fashion, a love story involving two Airedales, and pictures of their puppies growing up. Russia.
  • Jokyl - Kennel history, photographs, pedigrees, and show results. England.
  • Kingaire - Pictures, frequently asked questions, and links. Victoria, Australia.
  • Monjes de Sanjuan - Kennel information, show pictures, and pedigrees. Colombia. [English and Spanish].
  • Nagual - Kennel information, photographs, and pedigrees. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Of Lussyland - Breed description and standard, grooming tips, show news, litter announcements, photographs, and pedigrees. Slovakia.
  • Penaire - Kennel information with show pictures and pedigrees. Williamsburg, Virginia, United States and Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Rossignol - Raising dogs for conformation, health, and temperament. Breed history, photographs, breeding plans, and show news. Roberval, Quebec, Canada. [English and French].
  • Shadow of Aire - Pictures, show results, pedigrees, as well as show rules and regulations, agility information, and links. Slovenia.
  • Sher - Pictures, pedigrees, and show news. Russia. [English and Russian].
  • Stargus - Kennel information, photographs, pedigrees, and show results. United Kingdom.
  • Vega's Skywalkers - Photograph gallery, pedigrees, and show news. Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro.
  • Airy Mountain - Raising dogs for companions and hunting. Kennel information and pictures. Winlaw, British Columbia.
  • Brightburn - Kennel information with photographs and pedigrees. Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Cooleamber - Show pictures, pedigrees, and training tips. Calgary, Alberta.
  • Indus Kennels - Kennel information with show pictures and pedigrees. Calgary, Alberta.
  • Kilandan Kennels - Kennel and breed information and pictures.
  • Nightsun - Kennel and breed information with pedigrees and lots of photographs, including show photographs (conformation, agility and obedience) as well as hunting and working trials. Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Paradym - Kennel information and show pictures.
  • Rollingstone - Breed, puppy, hunting and health information, show pictures, pedigrees, and links. Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Skydale Manor - Kennel information, pictures and pedigrees. Lumby, British Columbia.
  • WharfeAire - Show pictures, pedigrees and links. Peterborough, Ontario.
  • Aberdeen - Kennel history, picture of their facilities, breed description, and links. Dexter, Michigan.
  • Ackley Kennels - Breeds Airedale Terrier and Standard Schnauzer. Video and pictures available. Also offers grooming and boarding services. Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Amity - Breeder of Airedale Terriers and Skye Terriers. Kennel information, show pictures, pedigrees, and links. Chickasha, Oklahoma.
  • Borderdale Kennels - Breed descriptions, photographs, and kennel background. Caldwell, Idaho.
  • CornerStone Terriers - Kennel information and show photographs. Kingston, Oklahoma.
  • Executive Kennels - Breed and kennel information with show pictures and links to articles about diet, grooming, and rescue. Howell, Michigan.
  • Hemingway Terriers - Kennel information, photographs, and pedigrees. New Paltz, New York.
  • Imprimis - Kennel information, show pictures, and links. Whitewater, Wisconsin.
  • Joval - Kennel information, show photographs, and pedigrees. Haymarket, Virginia.
  • Jubilee Aires - Breed and kennel information with show pictures and pedigrees. Dallas, Texas.
  • Kingsmen - Offering puppies and stud services. Includes information about the breed and photographs. Waterford, Michigan.
  • Lynaire - Kennel and breed information. Show pictures and pedigrees of their champions past and present. Boarding facilities and grooming services. New Bern, North Carolina.
  • MO-KY Aire Kennels - Raising large type dogs. Pictures, pedigrees, breed history, and litter announcements. Licking, Missouri.
  • Morning Star - Breed, kennel and puppy information with pictures and pedigrees. Rexford, Montana.
  • Sagacious - Kennel information with show pictures and pedigrees. Also diets and recipes. Texas.
  • Serendipity - Show pictures, pedigrees, family tree, article on gluing and setting ears, and links. Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • ShadoDancer - Kennel information with show photographs. Loudon, Tennessee.
  • Shaireab's - Kennel information, pedigrees, and photographs. Georgia.
  • Southern Roc - Specialising in all black dogs. Photographs and litter announcements. McIntosh, New Mexico.
  • Stone Ridge - Breeders, importers, owners and co-owners of many show dogs. Photographs, pedigrees, and show news. Wadsworth, Illinois.
  • SuperiAire - Kennel information and photographs. Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey.
  • Tartan Scottshire - Kennel information with show pictures and pedigrees. Katy, Texas.
  • Terrydale HK - Kennel information, show photographs, and pedigrees. Mebane, North Carolina.
  • WestRidge - Show pictures and pedigrees. Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Wyndridge - Kennel and breed information with show pictures. New York.
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