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Bearded Collie

General Information


  • Barney - Pictures of a dog in the Czech Republic doing all kinds of activities.
  • Bearded Collie Purejoy All By Myself - Pictures, pedigree, show results, and stories of puppy and teen years.
  • A Beardie Site - Hobo the Bearded Collie - Hobo presents information on Bearded Collies through stories, advice column, articles, pictures, and animation. Also includes beardie links.
  • Buddy's Bearded Collie Literacy Notebook - Buddy helps children write and read, he is a literacy Beardie. Activities that kids can do, lots of internet links, practical tips for teachers and parents.
  • Christine's Opus - A memorial for Opus, a beloved pet. Pictures, poems, pet bereavement links, and general information about the breed.
  • Jester the Beardie - Life and tials of a dog in Washington, DC. Photographs, stories, activities, journal, and poetry.
  • Joel and Diana's Pet Pages - There is a searchable database of Beardie and OES pedigree information as well information on Bearded Collies. Also has Beardies-l Demographics Form and BeardieHerd-l Roster Form.
  • Maggie: A Beardie Rescue Dog - A case history of a dog that was adopted through a breed rescue program, with photographs, videos, and tips on rescuing a dog or giving one up for adoption.
  • Smudge - Photographs, news, and a description of the breed.
  • Starisles Bearded Collies and the Salty Sheepdog Baa & Grille - Information about the breed and about their dogs, and descriptions of activities such as herding, obedience, tracking, and agility.
  • Stella - Photographs gallery, travel stories, and polls.
  • Vatea`s Wendy the Winner - Dedicated to Wendy, the Bearded Collie. Photographs, and Beardie related information.

Rescues And Shelters


  • Alistair's - Swedish breeder dedicated to producing sound dogs with typical temperament. Photographs, pedigrees, show achievements, and litter information. [English and Swedish]
  • Announce Me As - Show results, pedigrees, pictures of their dogs, literature, and litter plans. Netherlands.
  • Arcadia - Breed history with pictures, information on coat colors and coat care, and show results. Houston, Texas.
  • Babbacombe - Kennel history, photographs, news, rainbow bridge memorial, and litter announcements. The Netherlands.
  • Bonibraes - Kennel history, photographs, show news, and pedigrees. Australia.
  • Braelyn - Kennel history, photographs, show calendar, and litter announcements. Stevensville, Montana.
  • Brigadoon - Kennel history, dog profiles, photographs, list of acheivements, and litter information. Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
  • Chaniam Kennel - Kennel and breed history, breeder and champion profiles, and contact information. Florida, United States.
  • Chasewood - Litter announcements, pedigrees, and news. Lake Zurich, Illinois.
  • Colledge - Breeding for soundness, temperament, and type. Profiles, photographs, and links. Canada.
  • Connemara - Breeding dogs for show and as companions. Health information, grooming tips, and a photograph gallery. Camden, Arkansas.
  • Delightful Bears - Photographs. Belgium.
  • Double Scotch - Breeding for show quality dogs. Pedigrees, list of achievements, photographs, and litter information. Hungary. [Multilingual].
  • J├Ânsson Kennel - Information on the breed and the Swedish Bearded Collie breed club. S├Âlvesborg, Sweden. [Swedish and English].
  • Kennel Highflying - Swedish kennel breeding for temperament, health, and type. Litter news, pedigrees, photographs, and kennel history.
  • Kennel Malvasur - News, pictures of their dogs, pedigrees, a list of show wins, and breeding plans. Spain.
  • Llanddona - Photographs, pedigrees, and breed information. New Zealand.
  • Lovenmist - Kennel history, general breed information from a judge's point of view, photographs, and news. North Ridgeville, Ohio.
  • Moors End Kennel - Producing dogs for soundness and temperament. Photographs and kennel mission. Nantucket, Massachusetts, United States.
  • No-Nonsense - Photographs and show results. Belgium.
  • Papaw - Breeding for health, temperament, and structure. Litter news, show articles, pedigrees, photographs, and kennel history. Williamsville, New York.
  • Raggmopp - Pictures, show news, and historical information about the breed, including many pages of photos and videos of early English and North American dogs. Canada.
  • Slavic Charm - Pictures, show results, and information about new litters. Poland.
  • Tailwind - Raising dogs for show and pet. Pictures, pedigrees, and information on their breeding program. Ohio.
  • Tassietay - Breed history, training and care tips, kennel profile, and photographs. Kent, United Kingdom.
  • Tweeddale - Pictures and contact information. Hagerstown, Maryland.
  • Vatea's - Dog profiles, photographs, and litter news. Croatia.
  • Wind-Borne - Breeder's history, breed ancestor gallery, pedigree database, photographs, pedigrees, and links. Germany. [German and English]
  • Windheath - Pictures, herding information, and a memorial page. Bright, Ontario, Canada.
  • Wookiee Gang - Pedigrees, photographs, news, breed description, and litter announcements. Hungary. [English and Hungarian].
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