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Belgian Malinois

General Information

  • Dutch Shepherd, Malinois Forum - Message board for owners, trainers and breeders. Topics include health, training and sports. Annonymous posts allowed.
  • Malinois - An e-mail discussion group for Malinois enthusiasts.
  • The Malinut Page - For admirers of the Belgian Malinois. Breed information and Malinois "Reference Shelf" with dog sports and their titles, real world working Malinois.

  • Alika's Page - Journal of a Malinois in training, for the Ottawa Valley Search and Rescue Dog Association.
  • Karchnak's K9's - All of our boys, and girl, have or had a job. Photographs and links to other sites.
  • Sergeant Samuel A. Ingram - Military police dog handler and photos of his dog, Marco.

Rescues and Shelters


  • Aeolian Belgian Malinois - Small breeder in Ozark, Missouri. Includes links to clubs, code of ethics, and photographs.
  • Alouette Belgian Malinois - Breeding for conformation and performance. Photographs. Vinita, Oklahoma.
  • Blackneck's Kennels - Breeding for the ultimate working Malinois and German Shepherd. Photographs and pedigrees. Sweden. [English/Swedish]
  • Broadcreek Belgian Malinois - Home of more than three Westminster KC Best of Breed winners. Offering exceptional Belgian Malinois puppies for show, work, pet or play. DE.
  • Broadcreek Kennel of PA - Breeding Belgian Malinois for show, work or pet. Photographs, show results, and kennel, breed, and puppy information. Pennsylvania.
  • Carousel Belgian Malinois - Versatile Belgian Malinois for family, show, obedience, agility, tracking, and search and rescue. All dogs cleared for genetic defects prior to breeding. USA.
  • Dantero Kennels Belgian Malinois - Breeder with photographs of dogs, FAQs, genetics, list of dog names. Oregon.
  • De La Fontaine D'Or Working Malinois - Breeders/importers of working Malinois from Europe. Profiles, photographs, and pedigrees. Kitchener, Ontario.
  • De Witte Malinois - Photographs, pedigrees, breed information, message forum, and links. Belgium.
  • Du Ciel Rouge - Foundation, philosophy, and breeding program of the working Belgian Malinois with photographs. Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Emmanuel Belgian Malinois - Breeder with photographs and pedigrees available. Arroyo Grande, California.
  • Flashpointe Belgian Malinois - Bred for family companionship, performance and conformation. Photographs, pedigrees, litter page, awards, and "brags."
  • Galaxy Kennels - Breeder of the Yorkshire Terrier and Belgian Malinois for show and companionship. South Carolina.
  • Grico Perle De Tourbiere - Malinois with strong working drives and social character. Includes photographs, pedigrees, progeny, and litters. Tennessee.
  • Ile du Chien - Breeder with emphasis on resiliant and stable Malinois. Includes a puppy page, photographs, and planned breedings.
  • Malinois Kennel Gangster - Breeding for show and working in separate bloodlines. Sweden.
  • Malinois vom Roten Sturm - Breeder for Schutzhund, French Ring Sport, conformation, law enforcement, and pets. Photographs, pedigrees, affiliations, and history. Leesburg, Virginia.
  • Mason's Kennels - Northern Mississippi breeder. Includes photos of studs and females, puppies, services, adults for sale, and videos.
  • MoonQuest Belgian Malinois - Producing Belgian Malinois capable of excelling in competitive dog sports. Marysvale, Utah.
  • Mystique Kennels - Photographs, pedigrees, show records, breed information, list of Malinois in the US in need of rescue/rehoming, and links.
  • Ot Vitosha Malinois - Versatile Belgian Malinois for working pursuits with photographs. San Francisco Bay Area, California.
  • Rebbel Malinois - Photographs, pedigree, and links to clubs and rescues.
  • Seven Pines Kennel - Specializing in the importing/training of KNPV Malinois and Dutch Shepherds as police K-9s, drug detector dogs, and personal protection dogs. Pedigrees, profiles, photographs, and videos of their dogs, breed histories, KNPV history, application, seminar photographs, and videos. Texas.
  • Sterling Belgian Malinois - Malinois for conformation, obedience, agility, and flyball. Pictures of past and current dogs, and links. Ozark, Missouri.
  • Stewart's Rebel Ranch - Stud service in Huffman, Texas. Bred for working and companionship.
  • Teddy Bear Belgian Malinois - Breeder with photographs of dogs and links. Florida.
  • Tri Sorts Belgian Malinois - Breeders of Belgian Malinois for show, working, or home pet. Variety of photographs, history of the breeder, and links. Vienna, Virginia.
  • Turick Belgian Malinois - Versatile Belgian Malinois for family, show, obedience, agility, tracking and search and rescue and K-9. Includes numerous photographs. Brentwood, New Hampshire.
  • Van Nierlenders - Training and breeding Belgian Malinois with photos and pedigrees. Located in Belgium.
  • Vanrusselhof Malinois Kennels - Breeder of working and show Malinois. Kennel history, dog profiles and photographs, litter information, achievements, breed profile, and buyer advice; also training service. Brisbane, Australia.
  • Vom Wadehaus Kennels - Small working kennel breeding Malinois and German Shepherd Dogs for high level competition and police work. Photographs. Eastern Tennessee.
  • Windrush Ranch and Kennel - Breeding AKC/FCI for work and show. Photographs and profiles. Rio Hondo, Texas.
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