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  • Avec Harmonie - Belgian Tervueren kennel presenting their dogs and breeding plans. Includes international show results, classic photographs, and web art of Belgian Shepherd dogs. US and Germany.
  • Aquila Kennels - Photographs, pedigrees and show results for their two Tervurens.
  • BasqueLaine - Dogs for family companionship, agility, obedience, herding and show. Pictures of their dogs, litter announcements, and pedigrees. Tipp City, Ohio.
  • BonCoeur Kennel - Tervuren Kennel presenting their dogs. USA.
  • Cachet Noir Belgian Tervuren - Breeder of Belgian Tervuren since 1972. Puppies occasionally. Referrals, rescue information, historical information, articles on pet care, and photographs.
  • Cedar Crest Kennels Belgian Tervuren - Information about breeder's Belgian Tervuren dogs, photographs, and lots of links.
  • Ch. Aquila Faucon Crecerellette - Pedigree and photographs, about the stud dog, BOB Champion Aquila Faucon Crecerellette CGC TDI, Kestrel.
  • Chateau de Vie Tervuren - Presenting their dogs, pictures and pedigrees.
  • Chimeric Belgian Tervuren - Breeder of Belgians with photo gallery and information. Located in Pennsylvania.
  • Earlymoon Tervuren - Information on the breeder's Tervuren dogs and articles on the breed in general. Picture galleries.
  • Enora Belgian Tervuren - Breeders offering an overview of their dogs and litters. Kentucky.
  • Eubar Too Belgian Tervuren - Information on the dogs, agility, and obedience.
  • Fantaisie Belgian Tervuren - Brief Belgian history, portraits of the dogs, AKC Belgian Tervuren breed standard.
  • Fastbreak Belgian Tervuren - Presenting Fastbreak's stars and litters.
  • Ferrinsong Belgian Tervuren - Dog profiles, pedigrees, news, and photographs. Puppies available occasionally. Chichester, New Hampshire.
  • Landmark Belgian Tervuren - Breeding for agility, herding and tracking. Kennel history, achievements, photographs, pedigrees, and litter information. Located in Sacramento, California.
  • MonAmi Belgian Tervuren - Presenting their boys and girls. Nipomo, California.
  • Montage Tervurens - Photographs, litters, and news. Long Island, New York.
  • Snowflower Belgian Tervuren - Kennel history and information about their dogs. Poulsbo, Washington.
  • Sprite Belgian Tervuren - Information on our breeding philosophy and program, and articles on selecting and maintaining a proper working temperament in the Belgian Tervuren.
  • Sunfire Tervuren - Breeder of Belgian Tervuren providing an online pictorial and written history of the Belgian Tervuren breed in the United States including many of the early foundation dogs and kennels.
  • vom Wilzenberg Belgians - Breeding champion Belgian Tervurens from European show lines. History, dog pedigrees and photographs, and planned litters. Albany, Georgia.
  • Windamyr Belgian Tervuren - Photographs, achievements, pending litters, and links. Lockport, Illinois.
  • Erlander Tervueren - The dogs, litters, show results, and links. Melbourne.
  • Kennel de Sincfal - Breeding Tervueren and Groenendael. Kennel information and history, show results, photographs of current dogs and ancestors, and pedigrees.
  • Red Dragon - Pictures and pedigrees of dogs, litter announcements, and news. [English and Dutch]
  • Tervurens of the Home Port - Photographs, pedigrees, results, and links.
  • Van't Sparrebos - Van't Sparrebos Kennels; pictures, pedigrees, and show results.
  • Berger Belge Tervueren Quattpatt - Photographs of everything from puppies to elders. Portraits, pictures, under the 4 seasons of Quebec. English and French.
  • Diamond Den - Photographs, links, and information and their Belgian Tervurens. Alberta, Canada.
  • Dreamfields Belgians - Breed information, photos, and litter details. Located in Wellesley, Ontario.
  • Maximum Belgian Tervuren - Canadian kennel presenting their dogs. Pictures, pedigrees, show results.
  • Night Fire Belgian Tervuren - Breeding for health, structure, and intelligence. Kennel history, photographs, profiles, show results, breed standard, fun stuff, and links. Scoudouc, NB.
  • Ravenmasque Belgian Shepherds - Includes CKC statistics, breed information, and pictures. Oshawa, Ontario.
  • Spiritus Reg'd Belgian Shepherds - Breeding show, working and companion dogs. Located in Findlater, Saskatchewan. Includes pictures and show results.
  • Synecdocke Kennels - Breeding for show, obedience, working, and family pets. Photographs, pedigrees, and links.
  • Casarborg's Tervueren - Kennel information, working and show results, photographs and pedigrees, and links.
  • de la Rouquine - Breeding Tervuren and Dutch Shepherd working lines. Photographs, pedigrees, kennel information, and links. In English and Dutch.
  • du Fauve Beauté - Dedicated to breeding healthy, and social Tervueren Belgian and Dutch Sheperds. Photographs, progeny, litters, and forum. Hilversum, North Holland.
  • Du Fin Matois Tervuerense Herders - Breeding Tervueren Shepherd show lines. Photographs, pedigrees, kennel information, and links. In English and Dutch.
  • Belger Vitesse - Photographs, pedigrees, show results, litters, and links.
  • Kennel Kiosan's - Tervueren - Photo album, pedigrees, planned litters.
  • Bergeau Tervueren - Kennel in the UK presenting their dogs and a lot of external links.
  • Chatmar - Small kennel with Belgian Shepherd Tervuerens. Photographs, pedigrees, litter news, achievements, and related links.
  • Cultlea Belgian Shepherd Dogs - Selective breeder located in Central Scotland. Dog profiles, breeding plans, and photographs. Clackmannanshire.
  • Kennel Tintigny - History, dogs and pedigrees, photographs, glossory, puppies; also marble Belgian Shepherd sculptures. Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Vertueren Belgian Shepherds - Belgian Tervueren dog profiles, photographs, and planned litters. West Sussex. © 2002 - 2012