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Bernese Mountain Dog

General Information



Rescues and Shelters

  • Berner Auction Rescue Coalition - Rescues dogs from dog brokers, auctions, commercial breeders, pet shops, and any other dangerous or cruel situation and places them in homes. Includes rescue stories, adoption information, boutique, and list of events.

  • Blackberry Farms - Photographs, lineage, and breeding plans. Narvon, Pennsylvania.
  • BluNote - Pictures, kennel philosophy, and litter announcements. California.
  • BonMead - Photographs, pedigrees, and what to consider before buying a dog. Sobieski, Wisconsin.
  • Car-Rae - Pictures, pedigrees, and breeding plans. Emmett, Idaho.
  • Celtic Sapphires - Photographs, pedigrees, and breeding plans. Mesa, Arizona.
  • Classique - News, pictures, litter announcements, and rescue information. Paola, Kansas.
  • Cranbury Brook Farm - Photographs and news. Monroe Township, New Jersey.
  • Dreamfields - Photographs, pedigrees, and general information including educational links on site. Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Hickory - Pictures, pedigrees, and profiles of their dogs, show news, litter announcements, and their breeding philosophy. Hickory Corners, Michigan.
  • Keke's - Kennel history, show news, pictures, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Kythe - Photographs, pedigrees, and news.
  • Morning Sun - Pictures of their dogs, puppy questiionnare, and grooming tips. Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.
  • Mountainview - Breed description, photographs, and links. Washington.
  • MyOtie's - Photographs, pedigrees, show news, carting pictures, and memorials.
  • Nineveh - News, pictures, and pedigrees. Butler, Ohio.
  • Pioneer - Historical pictures, exploration of breeder issues, and informative pictoral studies of the breed. Greenwood, Florida.
  • SageKeep - Breed and kennel history, breeding plans, photographs, show news, and links. Montana.
  • SnoBear - Photographs, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Butte County, California.
  • Snowbound - Pictures, pedigrees, show results, and litter announcements. Wisconsin.
  • Starbourne - Information on training, obedience, agility, drafting, upcoming events.
  • Swiss Star Farms - Online tour of their farm, photographs, pedigrees, and frequently asked questions. Grass Valley, California.
  • Takari - Show photographs, breed standard, and contact information. Fulton, New York.
  • Thundering Pines - Photographs, news, and links. California.
  • TNG - Photographs, pedigrees, show news, breeding plans, breed description, and articles on health and grooming. Redding, California.
  • Vincitore - Pictures, breeding plans, and links. California.
  • Abbiberne - Pictures, pedigrees, and a list of their achievements. Perth, Western Australia.
  • Athollbern - Pictures and carting information.
  • Bangais - Kennel background, photograph album, pedigrees, and news. Antwerp, Belgium.
  • The Barking Bunch - Information on the breed and about Dutch and European breedlines, and pictures of their dogs. Netherlands.
  • Bernario - Kennel statistics, pictures, pedigrees, show results, and breeding plans. Finland.
  • BerneseBreeders.org - Operated by breeders and enthusiasts to help prospective puppy buyers explore if a Berner is the right dog and to assist with finding a breeder.
  • Bernski Pas - Pictures, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Yugoslavia.
  • Betuws Hofje - Photographs, pedigree, and health information. Holland.
  • BlueOctober - Photographs, breed history and standard, and kennel background. Slovenia.
  • Carabaz - Pictures and show news. Surrey, England, United Kingdom.
  • Casa dos Barros - Pictures and pedigrees. Portugal.
  • Cloudforest - Pictures, pedigrees, and show news. Tasmania, Australia.
  • Dantalian's - Show news, pedigrees, breeding plans, and news. Finland.
  • De Weyenberg - Photographs and pedigrees of their dogs, memorials, news, and links. The Netherlands.
  • Dharmansk - Kennel philosophy, photographs, pedigrees, breeding plans, and tips for choosing a puppy. Main Ridge, Victoria, Australia.
  • Funatic - News, pictures, pedigrees, and grooming tips. Finland.
  • Gelbbackler - Pictures, pedigrees, and breed information. Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom.
  • Het Kennedypark - News, pictures, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Netherlands. [Dutch and English].
  • Kennel Apoletano - News, photographs, and breed description. Norway.
  • Kennel 't Stokerybos - Pictures, pedigrees, and show news. Belgium.
  • Kimberlite - Pictures and pedigrees of dogs past and present, information on their feeding program, and breed standard. Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Orsina's Land - Photograph gallery, news, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Slovenia.
  • Poseidonas - Kennel history, show schedule, photographs, and litter announcements. Lithuania.
  • Riccarron - Photographs and news. Finland.
  • Rijkenspark - Photographs, pedigrees, memorials, news, and breeding plans. Netherlands.
  • Rivabern - Photographs and health information. New South Wales, Australia.
  • Samaika - Breed history, and standard, photographs, news, and pedigrees. Belgium.
  • Silbertahl - Photographs and information on their dogs, and feeding their feeding program. Canada.
  • Southcourt - Pictures of their dogs and litter announcements. Villalbilla, Spain. [Spanish/English].
  • Szarazpataki - News, photographs, pedigrees, breed standard, and litter announcements. Hungary.
  • Top Berners - Breeding plans, photographs, pedigree, and blog.
  • Tornado Erben - Pictures, pedigrees, litter announcements, and news. Czech Republic.
  • Von Alpentraum - Information about the breed, clubs, tips for finding and educate a puppy. Belgium.
  • Z Gemerskej Polomy - Pictures, pedigrees, statistics, and litter announcements. Gemerska Poloma, Slovakia.
  • Zeigen - Pictures, show news, and memorials. Queensland, Australia.
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