General Information

  • AKC Breed Standard - Bloodhound - Official breed standard as published by the American Kennel Club.
  • The Bloodhound Network - Established 1996 to connect Bloodhound lovers world wide. Separate pages for breeders, calendar, clubs and other links
  • - Database of hounds, their owners and breeders. Primarily candid photographs from US show circuit. Includes pedigrees of recent AKC-bloodhounds.
  • UKC Standard - United Kennel Club Standard for Bloodhound recognized 1914.
  • Underutilized Resource - Seminal article by Ann Brooke Holt (1994), possibly contributing to the more widespread acceptance of the Bloodhound by LE-agencies in the USA, and police forces in Europe.

  • Barbara Meyers - An autobiographical site about bloodhounds as companions, with tips and links to other resources, from Urbana, IL.
  • Miss Lazydays of Summer - Observations of a newcomer to the breed.
  • Nozem and Friends - The life and times of a dog, who has chewed his guestbook, but photographs survive from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

  • The American Bloodhound Club - Club was organized to protect and promote the breed in 1952. Breed information, specialties and events, books and videos.
  • Association of Bloodhound Breeders - Originally established in 1897, running shows and trials, under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations. Calendar, results, breed standard and contacts in the UK.
  • Belgian Bloodhound Club - Multilingual introduction to the breed, the board, and contacts. Features calendar of walks, trailing, competititions, shop, photographs from shows and the Saint-Hubert festival in Ardennes.
  • The Bloodhound Club - Official information on events, history, shows and trials for bloodhounds in Britain. Links to members' sites, puppies available and contacts.
  • The Bloodhound Network: Clubs - A comprehensive source for links to Bloodhound-related societies, including those in the language of the country.
  • Canadian Bloodhound Club - Official site of the Canadian Bloodhound Club. Contains breed and upcoming activities information.
  • National Bloodhound Association of Switzerland - Official NBAS, the Organisation most involved in search and rescue in Europe. Pictures from members, and articles from other countries.
  • National Police Bloodhound Association - History of the NPBA, membership information, training manual availability, enquiry form, email contact for officers and committee, forthcoming seminars throughout the USA.
Rescues And Shelters

  • Athfar - (All things happen for a reason) Private shelter specialising in Bloodhounds. Experience of mantrailer training and matching hound for right home. Located in Woodland Park, CO.
  • Bloodhound Adoption Center - Bloodhound rescue directors and groups in the USA.
  • BloodhoundLovers - Small family rescue in Oklahoma. Pictures of available dogs as well as pictures of dogs across the country.
  • Dog Rescue Pages - Phone numbers to check availability / advice on rehoming a bloodhound in UK.
  • Midwest Bloodhound Rescue - Non-profit, volunteer organization with general information about the breed, and details of hounds recently requiring help in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  • Southeast Bloodhound Rescue - A non-profit organization working to rescue and relocate bloodhounds in the Southeastern United States.

  • Andorra Kennels - Kennel history, photographs, and show news. Gilroy, California.
  • Baskerville Hounds - Kennel background, photographs, and news. Lexington, South Carolina.
  • Bauer - Breed information, photographs and pedigrees of their dogs, and breeding philosophy. Brighton, Illinois.
  • Boxford Kennels - Photographs, news, and tips for new owners. Granite Falls, North Carolina.
  • Churchil - Raising dogs for show. Presenting their philosophy, breeding program, and photographs. Valley Head, Alabama.
  • Citation Kennels - Pictures, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Corcoran, Minnesota.
  • Coshelav - Pictures of past and present dogs, show news, and litter announcements. Indianola, Illinois.
  • Fia Whirlwind - Photograph album, sales contract, and breed information. Summitville, Indiana.
  • Heroes Kennels - Pictures and show news. Central Square, New York.
  • Legend - Pictures, pedigrees, and memorials. Minnesota.
  • MarLee Hounds - Pictures and pedigrees. New York.
  • Ramsey Creek's Kennels - Breeder offers Bloodhounds, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, and English Setters. Photographs, pedigrees, and information on training, socializing, and caring for puppies. Based in Ramsey, Illinois.
  • Rebellion - Show pictures, breeding philosophy, and news. Carrollton, Georgia.
  • Riverbank - Photographs, pedigrees, and kennel background. Rainier, Oregon.
  • Sherick's - Extensive photograph gallery including information on upcoming litter, questionnaire, pedigrees, and links. Quenemo, Kansas.
  • Shiloh Hounds - Photographs of show ring successes, questionnaire, and announcements. Linden, North Carolina.
  • Stan's - Pictures, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Crossville, Tennessee.
  • TLH - Photographs and show news. Emporia, Kansas.
  • Twin Oaks - Photographs of their show hounds with pedigrees, OFA details and links. Ham Lakes, Minnesota.
  • Anderlues - Breed history and description, photographs, and tips for prospective owners. Qu├ębec, Canada.
  • Baskahounds - Fun information and pictures of their dogs in Australia.
  • Baylord - History of kennel and their hounds with pedigrees and litter information. Perth, Western Australia.
  • Brighton - Kennel history and photographs. Sussex, United Kingdom.
  • Cu'Fola - Photographs, pedigrees, and show news. Canada.
  • Kennel Sagio - Images of hounds past and present with pedigrees. Sweden.
  • Mason Kennels - Photographs, breed standard, pedigrees, and memorials. Ontario, Canada.
  • Southern Bloodhounds - Photographs, litter announcements, contracts, and tips for new owners. © 2002 - 2012