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General Information

  • African Boerboel - History, breed standard, photographs, message board, and links.
  • The Boerboel - Standard, history, articles, message board, photographs, links, and lists of associations, clubs, books, and breeders. In English, Dutch, and South African.
  • Boerboel Info - Information about the BB, forum, galery and much more
  • Boerboel South Africa - Information, forums, breeders, and history.
  • Bouba our boerboel - Information about Bouba, a South African Boerboel from Belgium. Information about the breed, pictures which show the development of Bouba from puppy to adult dog, links and a forum. In English.
  • Kalu's Picture Album - Pictures of Kalu at different ages.
  • Links and photo's of Boerboel Abel and Boerboel Lucy - Links and photo's of Boerboel Immer Moed Abel and Boerboel Marvell Lucy.
  • Molosserworld's Boerboel page - History, standard, fact sheet, many pictures and links to other Boerboel websites. In English
  • Natt - Pedigree and pictures of Natt, a Boerboel from Sweden. In English and Swedish.
  • Pitch's Home - Information about Pitch, the Boerboel, with photographs and links. In English and Dutch.
  • Select Reserve Boerboels - Meet Voortrekker Sarah, a boerboel bitch. Her story, blood line and pictures.


Rescues And Shelters


  • Accolade Boerboels breeder in the UK - General information about the Boerboel, breeding stock presentation, litter announcement, contact information.
  • Anasha Boerboels - Breeding healthy SABT-registered working dogs with good temperament. Photographs, pedigrees, Boerboel breed standard, character, history, care, and links. Denmark.
  • Ataraxia Kennels Australia - Breeder of Boerboels in Australia. Dog gallery, links, contact information.
  • Baden Boerboels - Breeding for temperament, conformation, and health. Photographs, breed standard, and articles on care, health, training, history, and characteristics. South Africa.
  • Bahner Boerboels & American Bulldogs - Boerboel and American bulldog breeder, situated in Northern Colorado, USA. Breeding stock presentation & puppy announcement.
  • Bantam Kennels - Boerboel and pitbull breeder. Breed information, breeding stock, links. No address specified.
  • Black Mask Boerboels - Breeder located in Belgium. Breed information, pictures of their breeding stock and litters, results of examinations. In english, dutch and french.
  • BOEGOEBERG BOERBOELS - Breeder in South Africa. Standards, male, female and contact information.
  • Boelsplaas Boerboels. - Boerboelbreeder in Denmark. Certified by S.A.B.T. Lots of info and pic.
  • Boerklan's Boerboel Kennel - Breeder of Boerboels in Sweden. Presentation of their breeding stock with pictures and articles about Boerboels. In English, Swedish and Afrikaans.
  • Bulie Boerboels - Boerboel breeders located in Northamptonshire, UK. Breeding stock, puppy announcement and links
  • Bullet Boerboel Breeders - Breeder from South Africa, SABT-member. Pictures of breeding stock, FAQ, puppy and feeding help, breed standard, litter announcement and contact information.
  • Castle Inu Boerboel - Castle Inu Boerboel Breeding Kennel situated in the western United States. Puppy announcement, history, pictorial history, photo gallery.
  • Celtic Connection Boerboels - Boerboel Breeder in Wales UK. Puppy announcement, links, breeding stock and contact information.
  • Centurion South African Boerboels - Boerboel breeder located in Georgia. Breeding stock presentation, pictures, SABT registered stock
  • Desert Sky Boerboels - Breeder in Southwest United States. Boerboel history, pictures of breed stock, litter announcement, breed info and contact information.
  • Dopper Boerboele - Breeder of boerboel dogs of South Africa since 1983. Their aim is to build out the reputation of this dog around the world.
  • Dynasty South African Boerboels - Boerboel breeders situated in Ohia, USA. Breeding stock presentation, photo gallery, litter announcement and contact information.
  • Groot Trek Boerboele - SABT Registered Boerboel breeder in Florida, USA. Puppies, information, and photos.
  • Immer Moed Boerboels breeder in the Netherlands - Breeder of the South African Boerboel. Contact information and some pictures.
  • Induna Boerboels - Kennel and breed history, litter announcements and photographs. Located in South Africa.
  • La Ferme Boerboel - Family breeder of Boerboels. Situated in St-Jude - Quebec, Canada. Information about their dogs, contact information, links.
  • Mauzer Boerboel - South African breeder. Breed standard, photo gallery and health care. Tips for selecting the right dog for you. In english.
  • Moon Mountain Ranch - South African Boerboel breeder situated in Spokane, Wa. Contact information, boerboel information, pictures
  • Northern Boerboels - Breeder of SABT boerboels situated in Canada. Guarantee, presentation of breeding stock, contact info, pictures, mission.
  • Oak View Kennel - United States Boerboel breeder. Kennel and breed information, litter announcements and photos.
  • Outeniqua Boerboels - Boerboel breeders from the Netherlands. Breeding stock presentation, race description, links, announcement of coming litters, contact information.
  • Rocking H Ranch - Boerboel breeder. Situated in Florida, US.
  • Silver Creek Boerboels - Boerboel Breeder located in the midwest United States. Boerboel information, breeding stock information, litter announcement, and contact information.
  • SteelRidge Boerboels - Boerboel breeder from Canada, Southern Ontario. Information about imports, puppies, trained young adults. Contact information and pictures.
  • Stone Barn Kennels, breeder of the South African Boerboel and the Cane Corso - Stone Barn Kennels, breeder of the South African Boerboel and the Cane Corso for family companions, protection and show dogs. Litter announcement, breeding stock presentation, contact information.
  • Teglborg Boerboel - Family breeder from Denmark. FAQ, upcoming litter announcement, contact information, picture gallery.
  • Thorshounds Boerboels - American family hobby Boerboel kennel, puppies, pics and contact information.
  • Welcome to Sandaharr K-9's - Small family run kennel with Akitas and Boerboels. Breeds occasionally, liaison officer for Samba Global for Great Britain and Ireland.
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