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General Information



  • Borzoi Club of America Rescue - Listings and photographs of available dogs, contacts and success stories.
  • Borzoi Club of California - Dedicated to advancing the breed through education and activities. Membership information and application, rescue, contacts and calendar of events.
  • Borzoi-Ringen - The official web site of the Swedish Borzoi Club. Breed information, show results, and a list of breeders. Available in English and Swedish.
  • Leningrad Society of Hunters and Fishers - Club history, list of members, how to join, articles, and news. St.Petersburg, Russia.
  • Lone Star Borzoi Club - Texas based breed club. Membership information, contacts, photos, resources and calendar of events.
Rescues And Shelters


  • Avalon - Photographs and litter announcements. Tennessee.
  • Avalyn Manor - Litter announcements, show results, pedigrees, kennel history, and photograph gallery. Howell, Michigan.
  • Basandrin - Kennel background, pedigrees, pictures, show news, and litter announcements. Russia.
  • Bistkupstwo - Photographs, pedigrees, breed standard, and show results. Czech Republic.
  • Dele M - History of the kennel with photographs and pedigrees of past and current dogs. Texas.
  • Estet Classic - Show results, photographs, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Estonia.
  • Firebird - Photographs, pedigrees, and stories about the dogs, who compete in obedience, field, and conformation.
  • Greyhaven Hounds - Pictures and pedigrees. Minnesota.
  • Gryffyn's Aeyrie - Breed and kennel information with show pictures and pedigrees. McKinney, Texas.
  • Kennel Charlotte Russe - Information on the breed, litter announcements, kennel history, art, and photograph gallery. Masku, Finland.
  • Kennel Fi-It - Pedigrees, photographs, and litter announcements. Czech Republic.
  • Kifka - Breed information, photographs, and pedigrees. An extensive historical pedigree section and information on bloat. Santa Clarita, California.
  • Le Sphinx - Photographs of their dogs, news, litter announcements, and contact information. Norway.
  • Mielikki's Hunt Borzoi and Greyhounds - Kennel history and goals, photographs of dogs, with pedigrees and show results and awards. New York.
  • Ninochka's - Kennel information with show photographs and pedigrees. Slovenia.
  • OZsome - Photographs, pedigrees, and stories about their dogs. New York.
  • Pickle Hill Hounds - Photographs of dogs and coursing information. Elmira, California.
  • Russian Gold - Litter announcements, photographs, pedigrees, and breed history. Buenos, Aires, Argentina.
  • Shefaro - History, show records, litter announcements, and photographs. Also includes informaon on Boer goats. San Antonio, Texas.
  • Silkenswift - Pictures and pedigrees of their dogs. Hydes, Maryland.
  • Staraja Russa - Breeding schedule, litter announcements, and contact information. Finland.
  • Stepnykh Almazov - Kennel information, photographs, pedigrees, collection of old prints and postcards, and links. Italy. [English and Italian].
  • Sunburst - Show news, pictures, and litter announcements. Concord, California.
  • Tatezi - Breeding dogs for the show ring or the sofa. Kennl background and news. Canton, Ohio.
  • Valeska - Information on coursing, showing, history, and hunting. Also photographs of working sighthounds.
  • Zolotoye Runo Urala - Photograph gallery, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Russia. [English and Russian].
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