General Information

  • Australian Briard Home Page - Information about the breed including health, photographs, advice on grooming, rescue contacts, show results, and links to breeders.
  • Briard Web Ring Listing - Links to Briard web sites.
  • Briard-L - How to join this email list and archives.
  • Briards Online - What to expect when living with the breed, information on health concerns, photograph gallery, tips for finding the right breeder, breeder list, artwork, and links.
  • Dogster's Briards - Breed history, herding, grooming, photo gallery, and the Briard in Canada, including CKC standard, clubs, and show results.

  • Brinies Brixie - A dog's life story, pedigree, and photograph album. In English and Swedish.
  • Chelly - A dog in Bavaria shares photographs and links.
  • Chico von der Balver - Pedigree and photographs of a black dog.
  • Eiledon's Liege - Health clearances, history, photographs of Lee (a.k.a Moose), and show accomplishments.
  • Hedda's Place in Cyberspace - Her adventures, photograph gallery, and show results.
  • Leon's Site - All about a dog in California. Information about the breed and where to go in Southern California.
  • Shiva's Dog House - Shiva's story, photographs, pedigree, and links.
  • The Wonderful World Of Odie - Site contains pictures of Odie and his friends, a short history of the breed and some famous Briards.

  • Atlantic States Briard Club - Oldest Regional Briard Club in America. Information on the club, pictures and general breed information.
  • Briard Club Deutschland - Club information, breed history and standard, show terms, breeder's list, and links. In English and German.
  • Briard Club of America - Club information and an extensive resource for the Briard breed.
  • Briard Club of California - Information on their activities, list of show results, photograph gallery, breed history, and articles on training,
  • British Briard Club - Events calendar, rescue information, show results, breed standard, and merchandise.
  • Czech Briard Club - Club information, breed standard and history, studs, kennels, competitions, photographs, and links. In English and Czech.
  • UK Briard Association - Features breeders, health issues, and show results.
Rescues And Shelters


  • Aigner Briards - Breeding to the AKC standard since 1972. Breed information, photo gallery, and links. Tannersville, Pennsylvania.
  • Beaugency Briards - Established in 1983 with a focus on sound temperament. Photos of past and present dog. Concise essay on care, upbringing and history. Dogs include British and French bloodlines.
  • Bergers de Brie at Bergers - Photographs and profiles, general breed information, breed history in the Czech Republic, and photo galleries. In Czech and English. Czech Republic.
  • Boksenberg - Profile of the kennel, pedigrees, photographs, and litter information. In Dutch, English and French.
  • Briard du Champ D'Ardoye - Located in Kachtem, Netherlands close to the French border. Home raised puppies occasionally available. History of the breed, the kennel, recent news and litter announcements.
  • Briards Briards - Multiple breeders with links to breed information, current news, litter announcements, and history of Aladax (New Jersey), Classique (Ohio), and Celebra (New Mexico) kennels.
  • Briards de la Rue de Fleurs - Photographs, pedigrees, health results, and awards. In English and German. Austria.
  • Briards des Bastides - Photographs, pedigrees, extensive information on the breed, and links. In French and English. Canada.
  • Briards des Cedres de la Montagne Noire - Photo galleries, and general breed information. In French and English. France.
  • Briards des Nez Mouillés - Small scale breeder located in Belgium close to the border of France. Includes a short history of the individual dogs, links organized by country, and photo gallery.
  • Briards du Bohemien - Photographs, pedigrees, show results, and links. Belgium.
  • Cascadia - Photographs, show news, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Portland, Oregon.
  • Chaotic Briards - Features photos, show details, and information about litters. Orangeville, Ontario.
  • Coastline Briards - Photographs, pedigrees, show and test results, and links. Bridgehampton, New York.
  • De Hoolhoove Briards - Specializes in Tawny, Black and Grey lines. Photos and contact details are presented. Leersum, Netherlands. [English and Dutch]
  • De la Maison du Garde-Barriere - Photograph gallery and pedigree of a stud dog.
  • Deja Vu Briards - Kennel history and record of show winners, health results, and working titles. Hundreds of photographs, pedigrees, and progeny lists. Cleveland Heights, Ohio.
  • Du Moulin d'Or - Kennel history, photographs, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Lokeren, Belgium.
  • Eiledon Briards - Breeds according to FCI and AKC standards for conformation, temperament, working ability, and soundness. Includes photos, litter announcements, and tips for appropriate care.
  • Faire des Amis Briards - Photographs, mailing list, and breed information. Netherlands. In English and Dutch.
  • Fairy Tale - News, photographs, and breeding plans. Pennsylvania.
  • Guerande - Kennel history, photographs, breed description, and show news. Quebec, Canada.
  • Habitat de Dito Kennel - Breeder with photographs of dogs. Holland.
  • Kennel Li-Brie - History, photos, pedigrees, news, past and planned litters of this Nowegian kennel. In Norwegian and English.
  • LarWass Kennel Briard - Kennel located in Sweden. Extensive photo gallery, Briard humor, information on the kennel and their dogs. English version available.
  • Les Briards des Les Edennes de Colmel - Photographs and pedigrees. In French and English. France.
  • Maison du Garde-BarriŠre, de la - Breeding Briard dogs for confirmation and working abilities. History, breed profile, pedigrees and photographs, and litter information. Austria. [English and German]
  • Our Briards - Breeder/exhibitor with fun photographs. Ontario, Canada.
  • Sendero Briards - Meet the individual dogs, view kennel history, contact information and links page. North Carolina.
  • Tosselin Briards - Facts, information, pedigrees, links, and lots of pictures. Finland.
  • Trésor de Brie - Briard - Photographs, show results, detailed pedigrees, gallery, planned litters, and links. Sweden. © 2002 - 2012