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  • Ana-Stasj Kennel - Breeder located in Rome, Italy. Kennel description, ownership requirements, puppies. [Italian and English]
  • Caucasian Legend Kennel - Breeder located in USA. Photos, articles, puppies for sale.
  • Caucasian Shepherd Dogs - Caucasian shepherd dogs in Belgrade, Serbia. Breeder: Nikola Pudrlja. Information about dogs and puppies. Photo gallery.
  • Chato - Frequently asked questions, photographs, kennel philosophy. [Italian and English]
  • Courageous Caucasians - Caucasian Ovcharka breeder located in Montana. Introducing their dogs, parents and puppies, breed characteristics and contact information.
  • Courtland Acres - Specializes in breeding and raising Caucasian Ovcharka dogs as well as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Esquire Caucasians - Caucasian (Ovcharka) Mountain Dog breeder located in Ohio. Photos, articles, information on US breed introduction and development.
  • Goyun Itlyar - Breeder located in Belarus introduces their dogs. Photos. [English]
  • Hunza Kennels - Kavkazskaya Ovcharka breeder in Poland. Photo galleries, bloodline history. [In English]
  • Kennel Lystikas - Caucasian Ovcharka kennel in Finland. Photos, show results. [In Finnish and English]
  • Little Bear Caucasians - Breeder located in Washington State. Photos, puppies.
  • Ruski Izvor - Breeder located in Yugoslavia. Breed characteristics, photoalbum. [In Yugoslavian and English]
  • Siberian Bear - Kavkazskaya Ovcharka kennel located in Greece. Artistic photos. [In English]
  • Tsodoreti - Caucasian Nagazi (sheepdog) breeder located in Georgian Republic. Historical photos, puppies. [In Georgian and English]
  • Twikies Caucasian Mountain Dogs - Breeder located in Belgium. Photo gallery. [English]
  • Voronezhskie Bogatyri - Breeding Nursery of Caucasian Ovcharka in Russia - shows, news, exhibitions, representatives of the breed and the nursery, dogs photos, keeping, feeding, breeding work, kavkazskaya ovcharka, puppies, pedigree, photos, video, pedigree, kennel [In Russian and English] © 2002 - 2012