Cesky Terrier

General Information

  • ACTC Cesky Terrier Photo Center - View and post Cesky photos. An interactive photo center sponsored by the American Cesky Terrier Club.
  • Cesky Central - Cesky Terrier breed information, photos and a detailed explanation of the breed standard.
  • The Cesky Terrier - General breed information as well as photos, events and breeder listings.
  • Cesky Terrier Breed Standard Tutorial - Comprehensive tutorial on the Cesky Terrier breed standard for judges, breeders and exhibitors or those interested in learning more about the breed.
  • Cesky Terrier WebRing - Browse sites dedicated to the Cesky Terrier.
  • Cesky USA - Breed information, history, photos, show calendar.
  • The Charming Cesky - Breed article covering the breed history, characteristics and whether the Cesky the right dog for you.
  • Ridley Cesky Terriers - Breed description accompanied by photographs of well-known dogs from the Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom.

  • Baxstar - Pictures, breed information, and links.

Rescues And Shelters

  • American Cesky Terrier Club Rescue - Breed rescue organization provides placement services for Cesky Terriers in need of rehoming. Information on volunteering, adopting and surrendering dogs for adoption.

  • Cantabile - Kennel history, litter announcements, and photographs. Finland.
  • DeMilo - Photographs, planned breedings, litter announcements, and general breed information. Australia.
  • Hamentashen - Breed standards, litter and dog information. Czech Republic.
  • Jednak - Pictures, pedigrees, and show news. Poland.
  • Kennel Zlata Chara - Kennel history, litter announcements, general breed information, and photographs. Czech Republic.
  • Van Bodasca Kennels - Breed information, frequently asked questions, show results, and lots of photographs. Netherlands.
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