Dutch Shepherd

General Information

  • Dog Shots - Photographs of working dogs, focusing on Dutch Shepherds and protection sports, as well as K-9 and hunting dogs.
  • Dutch Shepherd Standard - The UKC standard, provided by the RareBreed Network.
  • The History of the Dutch Shepherd Dog - The history of the Dutch Shepherd Dog or "Hollandse herder", with some old pictures to show that these dogs have hardly changed over the last 100 years.

  • Dutch Shepherd Dog Photo Album - Photo and information on Havrevingen's favorite, "Birka". Add your dog. Also called Hollandse Herdershond and Holländischer Schäferhund.

  • American Dutch Shepherd Club - Featuring the Dutch Shepherd Discussion List. Articles on the breed, membership information and photo galleries.
Rescues And Shelters


  • Berger-Hollandais.com - French breeder. Includes contest results, pictures, forum, and pedigrees.
  • Boyd's Bullriding - Breeder of Dutch Shepherds and Australian Cattle Dogs. Photographs, pedigrees, and links. Aalen, Germany. [English/German]
  • Dutch Shepherd Roughhaired - Information about Roughhaired Dutch Shepherd breeds. Kennel located in The Netherlands.
  • Heartland Dutch Shepherds - Pictures of available puppies and kennel information. Oklahoma.
  • Lissunmustan Langharige Hollandse Herders - Breeder of longhaired Dutch Shepherds. Photographs, show and trial results, pedigrees, breed information, and links. Finland. [English/Finnish]
  • Seven Pines Kennel - Specializing in the importing/training of KNPV Malinois and Dutch Shepherds as police K-9s, drug detector dogs, and personal protection dogs. Pedigrees, profiles, photographs, and videos of their dogs, breed histories, KNPV history, application, seminar photographs, and videos. Texas.
  • Spring Creek - Breeding Malinois and Dutch Shepherds for police K9 and sport. Photographs, pedigrees, breed history, legendary Malinois, and links. Oklahoma.
  • Van de Vastenow Dutch Shepherds - Breeding short haired Dutch Shepherds from working lines. Located in Barendrecht, the Netherlands.
  • Van het Meerhuisje Kennel - Long-haired Dutch Shepherd Dog; available pups, pictures, quicktime films and complete pedigrees online. The Netherlands.
  • Von Christel Dog Training Kennels - Breeder located in Brooksvile, Florida imports Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds from Holland, and other breeds for training in police work, sport, protection, KNPV, rescue, and narcotics.
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