Field Spaniel

General Information

  • Arborfield Field Spaniels - Photographs of dogs and puppies.
  • Calico Field Spaniels - Breed history, tips on buying, health issues, brags, information on their dogs, and training tips. Located in Wisconsin.
  • Coralmist Gun Dogs - Breeder of Feild Spaniels and Irish Setters with photographs and a list of awards. Located in the UK.
  • Elevage Deax Rives Kennel - Provides club, breed history, and photographs. Located in Canada.
  • Goloworez Kennel - Photographs, pedigrees, movies, and the breed standard. Located in Kerava, Finland.
  • Kennel Ceben - Breed information, puppy schedule, and news. Located in Täby, Sweden. Available in English and Swedish.
  • Kennel Periwinkle - Breeders of field spaniels and English springer spaniels. Photographs and breeder's history. Available in Swedish and English.
  • Kingsmead Field Spaniels - Breeder with photographs and health information on the breed. Located in Powhatan, Virginia.
  • Lyndongraey - UK breeder. Photographs, kennel information and news.
  • MapleSugar Field Spaniels - History of the kennel, information on their dogs, therapy dog work, news, and links.
  • Nadavin Field Spaniels - Photographs and pedigrees. Located in England
  • Nautica - Breeding for show, performance, and companionship. Breed information and photographs. Whiteland, Indiana.
  • Promenade - Suggested reading list, breed history and standard, and breeding schedule. Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.
  • Watership Kennels - Kennel history, information on their professional handling services, news, breed information, and photographs. Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada.
  • Windward - Information on agility, tracking, conformation shows, hunting, and therapy dog work as well as litter announcements. Bowling Green, Ohio, United States.

  • Allegro Field - Show dogs are family pets first, competitors in the conformation show ring second. Photographs, a quiz about the breed, and how to choose a breeder.
  • Nautica's Cool Hand Luke - Contains pictures of Luke. He is from a litter produced by Nautica Field Spaniel kennel in Indiana, and his parents are both champions.

  • Field Spaniel Society of America - Information on the breed's history, appearance, personality, grooming, health, and choosing a puppy. Rescue contacts and club information.
  • The Field Spaniel Society of Great Britain - Manages all the affairs of the breed in the country, promotes the working side, organizes seminars on the breed, and stages a championship show and an open show.
Rescues And Shelters

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