Galgo Espanol

General Information

  • Galgo - Photograph and breed characteristics.
  • Galgo Espanol - Profile, including history and distinction between the breed and the professional racing breed, Galgo Ingles-Espanol.
  • The Galgo EspaƱol Database - Pedigree database with test mating function and pedigree analyses.
  • Galgoseite - Stories and photographs of two dogs living in Germany. Site is in English and German.
  • Garza's Website - Pictures of a rescued pet and information on how to help end cruelty to this breed.
  • Official Scooby Website - Rescue organization in Spain. Includes breed information, welfare issues, available dogs, and links.
  • Save a Galgo - Nonprofit rescue. FAQ and adoption policies. Michigan.
  • Spanish Greyhound - FCI breed standard.
  • ZigZag - Breed information, show results, links, and photographs and pedigrees of the owner's Galgos. [English/Spanish/Catalan]


Rescues And Shelters


  • Doma Vaquera Kennel - Breeder in France. Kennel and breed history, photographs, and care tips.
  • Little Lobito - Breeder in Germany. Includes photographs and pedigrees, photo reports of Galgos shows and events, and breed information. [English/German]
  • Royal Tramp - Irish Wolfhound and Galgo Espanol breeder. Photographs and pedigrees. Sweden. [English/Swedish]
  • Zarandillo - Breeder in the Netherlands. Breed history, news, pictures of their dogs, pedigrees, and litter announcements. © 2002 - 2012