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  • Angus the Irish Wolfhound - Month-by-month photographs of Angus and his friends.
  • Bailey - Irish Wolfhound - Description of life with a wolfhound, photo gallery and pedigree.
  • Barnahalla Irish Wolfhounds - Breed standard, photos and stories, information on the Pet Passport scheme. 'The Irish Wolfhound' by Captain Graham, the saga of Gelert and examples of wolfhound art.
  • Cairdes Farms Irish Wolfhound - The history and characteristics of this breed. Photo gallery, meet the Cairdes Farms' family.
  • Cearbhaill Irish Wolfhounds - Meet Casey and Newman, two adopted wolfhounds, and their family. Photos, stories, booklist. Links on IW concerns and dog welfare issues.
  • Ckeilah - Photographs and quick-time movie of Ckeilah from Texas.
  • Cocaire Irish Wolfhounds - Photos and pedigrees of two wolfhounds and postage stamps depicting the breed.
  • Cu Castle - Short breed history and description, photos and profiles of seven dogs.
  • Cyberstar Huan's Own Webpage - Photos of Huan and family. E-cards and jigsaws.
  • Duke - My Irish Wolfhound - The story of Duke, an Irish wolfhound, his consort, Durchess and the family that lives with them.
  • Friends of the Irish Wolfhound - Breed standard, photographs and pedigree. Wolfhound art and poetry.
  • Hound Hold - Photos and information about three Irish wolfhounds.
  • The Ir. Wolfhound T-Rex World - Stories and photographs of T-Rex, a Swedish Irish wolfhound, and his family.
  • Irish Wolfhounds - Site aiming to follow the lives of a litter of puppies in their various homes. Photographs, quiz, desktop backgrounds, wolfhound jokes.
  • Irish Wolfhounds - A Passion - Advice on puppy buying, links to clubs, breeders and mailing list
  • Kasper's Corner - Meet Kaspar and his friends and family through stories and photographs. Breed history and characteristics. Swedish site, in English.
  • Keireen - Finnish site, in English. Photographs, profiles and pedigrees. News and show results.
  • Keno - Irish Wolfhound - Photographs and information about Keno, an Irish wolfhound from Germany. Site in English.
  • Lufsen (Tekla's brother) - Page on a Swedish family's site about their wolfhound, Lufsen. Photo gallery, links and information about wolfhounds in film and advertising.
  • Manny's Couch - A light-hearted look at life with Manny and his brother Oak. Tips on life with a wolfhound, stories, photographs,information on buying a puppy and health issues
  • Mount Carmel's Irish Wolfhounds - Photographs of Clancy and Jasmine.
  • Tekla - Irish Wolfhound - Swedish site (in English) with photographs, pedigrees, show results and background information.
  • The Vestibule where Andromeda and Coesoig lurk - Photographs and stories about a wolfhound and his Great Dane companion.
  • Wolfhounds on the Web - Breed history and characteristics, advice on puppy buying.
  • Zeus and Hera - The life and times of two Irish Wolfhounds in Denmark.

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