General Information

  • Habilis Leona - Show results, litter plans, individual dog profiles. Netherlands.
  • Independent Leo Gazette - Webzine providing historical facts and photographs, international show results, upcoming events, links, and archives.
  • International Leonberger Database - Database listing pedigrees of over 53000 dogs worldwide.
  • International Leonberger Union - Association of international breed clubs adhering to the FCI standard. Includes breed standard, characteristics, history, health, care, and club show results.
  • Leo World - A resource listing worldwide clubs, an e-mail discussion list, general breed information, a photo gallery and personal stories.
  • Leonberger Forum - Discussions about the breed, health, and tips for new owners.
  • Leonberger Standard - FCI Breed Standard. Includes history and characteristics.


  • Club quebecois du Leonberger - Breed history, characteristics, breeder list, and club details. Quebec, Canada.
  • Frontier Leonberger Club of the Southwest - Leonberger Club of America affiliate, covering the areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico. Activities, events, and information on breed.
  • Great Lakes Leonberger Club - Leonberger Club of America affiliate, featuring pictures, events, and membership information.
  • Leonberger Club of America (LCA) - The founding registry in the United States, providing comprehensive breed information, a breeders' directory, membership details, and further resources pertaining to the breed.
  • Leonberger Club of Great Britain - Breed club in Great Britain containing photo gallery, show results, breeder list, stud dog list, and club contact information.
  • Leonberger Club of the North West - Leonberger Club of America affiliate, providing show information and dates, newsletter, entry forms, health issues, links, and member web addresses.
  • Leonberger Club of the United States - New Leonberger club seeking AKC affiliation. Provides information on club background, event results, breeder list, and club contacts.
  • Northern California Leonberger Club - Leonberger Club of America affiliate, covering California from Bakersfield north. Provides event calendar, show results, photos, club contacts, breed, and membership information.
  • Southern California Leonberger Club - Leonberger Club of America affiliate, covering Southern California region. Provides information on local dog shows, breeder list, past and present events, and a photo gallery.
  • United Kingdom Leonberger Association - Organization in Great Britain promoting working events, training, and social activities for Leonberger owners.
Rescues And Shelters


  • Ex Horto Leonis - Information on the breed, how to find a puppy, and canine health, as well as dog profiles, and photographs. Palo Alto, California.
  • Kalahari - Detailed information on kennel history, breed FAQs, health tests, training, and holistic care, with dog profiles, photographs, and litter plans. McKinney, Texas.
  • Renaissance - Dog profiles, photographs, and show results. Indiana.
  • Serenity - Dog profiles and photographs. Red Granite, Wisconsin.
  • Sol D'Or - Dog profiles, photographs, and litter plans. Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Stolzstein - Individual dog profiles, and lots of photographs. Hamden, Connecticut.
  • Vom Sanften Loewen - Dog profiles, photographs, and litter plans. Orofino, Idaho.
  • Von Alpensee - Dog profiles, show results, photographs, and litter plans. Blairstown, New Jersey.
  • Von Drevas - Kennel background, dog profiles, and photographs. Clinton, Washington.
  • Windancer - Breed introduction, dog profile, and photographs. Huntington Beach, California.
  • Auroja - Breed description and photographs. British Columbia, Canada.
  • Barrsaint - Breeder of Leonbergers located in Chibougamau Quebec. Strong, agile, alert dogs. True to the breed and strong protectors.
  • Heronview - Photographs and dog profiles. Ontario, Canada.
  • Lemaitre - Photographs and profiles of dogs. British Columbia, Canada.
  • LionHill - Breed information, photographs, and dog profiles. Alberta, Canada.
  • Lionslair Kennels - Dog profiles, photographs, and litter information. British Columbia, Canada.
  • Popes Pride - Photographs, descriptions, and litter information. Alberta, Canada.
  • Von Der Lowenhohle - Photographs and profiles. British Columbia, Canada.
  • Apricot Dressed - Breed standard and photographs. Elverum, Norway.
  • Arcondia - Show results, litter information, dog profiles, and photographs. Czech Republic.
  • Bora z Miloticek - Kennel history, litter plans, and photographs. Czech Republic.
  • Breidden - Kennel background, breed description, and photographs. Powys, United Kingdom.
  • Bursztynowka - Breed description, photographs, individual dog profiles, and litter information. Wadowice, Poland.
  • Chatayan - News and photo gallery. Slovakia.
  • Clunkamoor - Boarding, dog profiles, and photographs. Devon, United Kingdom.
  • Della Brughiera - Dog profiles, and photographs. Varese, Italy.
  • du Manoir de Vaduz - Dog profiles, photographs, and litter information. Liege, Belgium.
  • Kinghern - Kennel background, history of the breed in the UK, photographs, show results, litter plans, and an online forum. Basingstoke, United Kingdom.
  • Martenlakes - Breeder with photos of dogs. Located in Sweden.
  • Nagybobanya - Kennel history, photographs, and litter plans. Loddes, France.
  • Ombre Rosse - Breed description, photographs, and litter plans. Perugia, Italy.
  • Rikandan - Photograph gallery, background information, and show results. United Kingdom.
  • Saljay - Photos and descriptions. United Kingdom.
  • Seaxa - Photographs, show results, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Essex, United Kingdom.
  • Sedmidomky - Kennel history, individual dog profiles, photographs, and litter plans. Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.
  • Tambos Lover - Kennel background, individual dog profiles, and photographs. Valer i Solor, Norway.
  • Uit 't Berggat - Profiles of dogs, illustrated pedigrees, photographs, and litter information. Semmerzake, Belgium.
  • Usquebaugh - Kennel history, dog profiles, photographs, and show results. Heiloo, Netherlands.
  • Zaricke Udoli - Kennel background, dog profiles, photographs, and litter plans. Sobeslav, Czech Republic.
  • Hochspitz Leonbergers - Dog profiles, and litter information. Victoria, Australia.
  • Simtara Leonbergers - Kennel background, dog profiles, and photographs. Rotorua, New Zealand.
  • Skyewood Leonbergers - Kennel history, dog profiles, photographs, and litter plans. Tauranga, New Zealand.
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