General Information

  • The Official Lurcher Web site - General information, directory of owners, hare and loure coursing, and history.
  • About Lurcher - Brief description on the Lurcher and a list of all the breed mixes which qualify as Lurchers.
  • Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue - The Uk's key Lurcher rescue, photos of dogs needing homes and sponsorship.
  • Irish Lurchers - Pictures and articles on hunting with Lurchers in Ireland.
  • Lurcher Search UK - Reunites lost and stolen Lurchers and Running Dogs with their owners. United Kingdom.
  • Lurcher-chat - Information on how to join this e-mail discussion group.
  • LurchersNorth East - For Lurcher enthusiasts who are based in the north east of England. Sharing information, advice and support.
  • The Old English & Colonial Lurcher Club - A group of Lurcher Coursing Men that work to a strict code of conduct. Discussion of the Saluki Greyhound cross. UK.
  • The Sussex Longdog Association - Club history and information, calendar of events and photos.
  • Tigerdog - Photographs and updates on the lean, mean sleeping machines, Jake and Luke. The site also includes tips for owners.


Rescues And Shelters

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