Manchester Terrier

General Information

  • Chester Pets - An online community of Manchester Terrier pet owners. Message board, photos and resources.
  • An Educational Visualization of the Manchester Terrier - An illustrated discussion of the Manchester Terrier breed standard.
  • The Gentlemans Terrier - An un-moderated, online discussion list dedicated to the Manchester Terrier. All are welcome.
  • Manchesters Forever - Advice on finding a reputable breeder and links to breed clubs and rescue organizations.
  • Bleu Springs - Pictures, pedigrees, and show news. Western New York.
  • DesertRose and Layclyf - Breed information, pictures, history, frequently asked questions, and articles on health issues.
  • Diventy - Photographs and litter announcements. Quebec, Canada.
  • Fwaggle Kennels - Information about the breed, photographs, litter announcements, and links to other sites. Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Les Fermes D'Elevages Ericlam Farms - Photographs of their dogs and contact information. Mascouche, Quebec, Canada. [French and English].
  • Saint Lazar - Features information about the kennel and the breed, as well as pictures of their dogs. Newborn, Georgia.
  • Tempest - Features pictures and information on the breed.
  • Tudorian Kennels - Photographs, breeding plans, and the history of the breed. Port Perry, Ontario, Canada.
  • Yozho - Kennel history, litter announcements, and photographs. Texas.

  • Arres Kennels - Pictures of a dog and his friends.
  • Cobalt - Webcam, photos and journal about the life of this Toy Manchester Terrier.
  • Kacee's page - Homepage of Kacee, a standard Manchester Terrier. Includes several photos.
  • The King's Chesters - Stories and photographs of life with Mocha and Roman.
  • Nicky - Pictures and pedigree of a dog living in Bergen, Norway.
  • Russ`s Page - Homepage of Prince, a standard Manchester Terrier. Includes his pedigree and some pictures.

Rescues And Shelters


  • Angel Sun - Small home-based breeder and exhibitor of standard sizes. Kennel history, litter announcements, and photos. Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  • Bit 'O Luck Kennels - Kennel information, pedigrees, and show pictures. Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • Fanatic's Kennel - Breed history and standard, show results, photograph album, and links. Genk, Belgium.
  • Kreuzritter Kennels - Breeding standard-sized dogs for soundness, temperament, and health. Information about the breed, photographs, and links. Fredericton Junction, New Brunswick, Canada.
  • Lantaka - Kennel and breed history, litter announcements, pedigrees, list of show accomplishments, and photographs. Molinella, Bologna, Italy. [English and Italian].
  • Maverick - Pictures of their toys and standards and information about the breed.
  • Mersey - Raising standards-sized dogs for pets and show. Detailed health information, a breed description, history of the breed, and links. Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.
  • Mimbre - Producing dogs for show. Kennel history, show results, and photographs. Norwich, Norfolk, England.
  • Rustic Lane - Raising toy and standard sizes for show and companionship. Photographs and profiles of their dogs, frequently asked questions, breed description, and show news. Homeland, California.
  • Sasndash - Raising toy sizes. Photographs, breed history, and contact information. Orange, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Scarlet's - Photograph album, breeding plans, and contracts. Fredericksburg, Virginia.
  • Shal Mar - Raising and showing Manchester Terriers and Doberman Pinschers. Provides pictures, puppy availability, and contact information. [California]
  • Trilogy - Kennel information with show pictures and pedigrees. Omaha, Nebraska.
  • WhirlWynd - Photographs of their dogs, show news, and litter announcements. Gilman, Iowa.
  • Wilane - Raising standards for show and obedience. Litter announcements, pictures of their dogs, detailed breed history, and a link to a drawing of the breed standard. Pasadena, Texas.
  • Wild Wind Kennels - Photographs and links to other sites. © 2002 - 2012