Middle Asian Ovtcharka

General Information

  • Mid Asian Ovtcharka - Breed description with illustrations.
  • Middle Asian Ovtcharka - Brief breed information, picture, and rescue contact information.
  • Ovcharkas - About the Central Asian (aka Middle Asian), Caucasian and South Russian Ovcharkas. Personal stories and photos.
  • Troika, Owtcharka International - Dedicated to the 3 Russian Owcharka breeds, the Caucasian-, the Central Asian- and the South Russian Owcharka.


  • PAMIR - Photographs of Russian champions, breeder list, and photo gallery. Saint Petersburg, Russia. [English/Russian]
Rescues And Shelters


  • Almaz Central Asian Ovcharka - Photograph gallery, litter announcements, movies, and contact information. Ukraine.
  • Czeczuga - Show kennel in Poland. Includes profiles, photographs, pedigrees, FCI breed standard, history, photo gallery, mailing list, and links. [English/Polish]
  • Foxfire Farms - Photographs, show results, and breed information. New York.
  • Kennel Alabain - Includes photographs, pedigrees, dog food recipes, breed history, and links. Finland.
  • Turkmenski volkodav-Alabai - Breed characteristics, history, photographs, videos, litter- and show news. Also extensive resources about the breed in its country of origin.
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