Norwegian Elkhound

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  • Ancient Ridge - Kennel history, show news, photographs, litter announcements, and links. Greece.
  • Aspen - Breeding dogs for show, obedience and agility in Westminster, Colorado. Photographs and contact information.
  • Castlebar - Kennel and breed history, show accomplishments, litter announcements, newsletter. and photographs. New York.
  • Caulderwood - Raising dogs for companions and guardians of the home. Breed description, photographs, description of kennel policies, and litter announcements. Greeneville, Tennessee.
  • Conrick & Kinderhorn - Two small kennels featuring hunting-type show elkhounds. Photographs and descriptions of their dogs as well as litter announcements. Peak District, Derbyshire, United Kingdom.
  • Nankuri - Dogs for show and companions. Photographs, breed history, and memorials. South Australia.
  • Norskgra - Breed history, photographs, news, and forums. Sydney, Australia.
  • RidgeRunner - Photographs and breed information.
  • Roebuck - Photographs, breed description, and show news. British Columbia, Canada.
  • Windy Cove - Breeding dogs for pet and show. Photographs, show brags, and breeding plans. Atascadero, California. © 2002 - 2012