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  • The Avuvi: aboriginal dog of West Africa - The Avuvi is the aboriginal dog of the Gbe speaking tribes of West Africa. Shaped by Africa for Africa, it needs to be preserved from hybridization with modern man-made Western breeds, in the name of biodiversity.
  • Basenji Origins in Pariah-type Dogs - The Great Pyramid of Khufu (also known as Cheops) has paintings of Basenji-type dogs seated at the feet of their owners. This pyramid was constructed about 2700 BCE. There are cave and rock drawings dating from about 6000 BCE in what is now Libya. These paintings show hunting scenes that contain pariah dogs looking very similar to Basenjis.
  • Dingo/Pariah Group of Breeds - From the Primitive and Aboriginal Dog Society. Also the Nordic/Spitz group, prick-earred hound group and gazehounds.


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