Portuguese Water Dog

General Information


  • Abby and Sailor - Sailor talks about what it's like to live with a PWD, alternative (raw) dog diets, alternative medicine. Good perspective for people new to the PWD.
  • Alto Mare Gonsolves - Photos and chat about this champion PWD and his owner, who is the mayor of Pacifica, California.
  • Blaster and Banzai - Photos of CH De Leao's Master Blaster CDX, NA, CGC, TDI, TT, and CH De Leao's Buckaroo Banzai.
  • Boomer and Rocky - A pair of PWD brothers living the good life in sunny Southern California share photos, breed information, thoughts on agility training. (Large graphics, slow to download.)
  • Bosun and Shanty - Bosun's view of the world and his younger sister Shanty, lots of photos.
  • Calimel's Chloe and Crackerjack - Many photos of Chloe and Crackerjack in the water, on boats. Information about PWDs and what it's like to live with them. (Graphics are quite attractive but very large.)
  • Cringely's Web-Footed Website - Information on PWD clubs and agility, news article and photo of PWD "Midge" competing in an agility competition.
  • Gable's Story - The story of a rescued PWD, with photos.
  • Hunter's Strength of Samson, JWD ("Sam") - Photo gallery chronicles Sam's life, including puppy pictures, various haircuts, water retrieving and water trials.
  • Joaquim and Rosa - Rosa's memories of her brother Joaquim, plus photos, links.
  • Linda Drake's PWD Page - Photos of Linda's Gimbal and Hawser, plus photos of other pet PWDs and links to PWD information.
  • Portwind Portuguese Water Dogs - Personal site with photos, information on the breed, and other links.
  • Sirocco do Lusiadas - Many pictures of Sirocco, a brown/white male living in the Netherlands, and his family. Links to other PWD sites.
  • Taffy - Couch-dog Taffy shares photos and a recipe for her favorite dog cookies.
  • Toraq's Samantha - Samantha, a happy pet living by the river in California's Gold Country, discusses food, squirrels, friends and arthritis. Photos.
  • Zoroaster - About a pet in Highland Park, Illinois. Photo, brief story, links.

Rescues And Shelters


  • Aguatelin - Finland. Information available in Finnish and English. Many photos.
  • Al-Nadar Portuguese Water Dogs - Mountainhead, Mynamaki, Finland. Site includes breed history, rescue contacts for Finland and Portugal, calendar of dog shows in Finland, links to other breeders, breed standard in English and Finnish.
  • American Dancer's - The Netherlands. Many photographs, pedigrees, breed information. (In English and Dutch.)
  • Ana-Faro's Kennel - Sweden. Pedigrees of two females Aqua and Ronja, many excellent photographs of puppies, ancestors, and waterwork, links to related sites. (Text in Swedish and English.)
  • Annie Dumontier - Quebec, Canada, breeder offers photographs of adult and puppies, plus a brief breed description. In French and English.
  • Armada's Portuguese Water Dogs - Photographs, descriptions of their dogs.
  • Baycliff Portuguese Water Dogs - Breeders describe their home-raised puppies and champion adults. Site includes information about PWDs, and how to choose and train a young dog.
  • Bluegrace Portuguese Water Dogs - Australia. Comprehensive site includes photos and many articles on subjects including breed characteristics, health, training, grooming, deciding whether to breed your dog, selecting a puppy, importing animals.
  • Camlin Portuguese Water Dogs - Angels Camp, California. Photographs of facility, names of dogs, litter information.
  • Canil de Alpha Lade - Sweden. History of the breed in Scandinavia, many photographs, pedigrees, litter data and thoughts on the PWD gene pool.
  • Casa Hoya's Portuguese Waterdogs - Breeder in the Netherlands provides photographs and information about her dogs and recent litters. Site in English and Dutch.
  • Casa Lago Portuguese Water Dogs - Breeder located in Antioch, Illinois, offers extensive information about their dogs, the breed, health issues, and the history of the PWD in the mid-western U.S.
  • CeeAnjel Portuguese Water - Home breeder in Butte, Montana. Site offers photographs and sample puppy contract.
  • CnSand Portuguese Water Dogs - Connecticut breeder offers information on breed characteristics and health issues, plus stories and photographs of their puppies and adult dogs.
  • Cosmos Portuguese Water Dogs - Canadian breeder west of Toronto. Extensive photo galleries include show photographs, agility competition and other activities, puppies. Pedigrees, links to related sites.
  • Cristalmar Kennel - Brazilian breeder. Site includes puppy photos, brief history of the breed in Brazil.
  • Cutwater Portuguese Water Dogs - Extensive information about the breed, choosing a puppy, and showing. Photos and kennel history. Darien, CT.
  • DandyLion Portuguese Water Dogs - Breeder and litter information, photographs, and breed related activities. Helpful notes on life with PWD puppies.
  • DeLeao Portuguese Water Dogs - PWD breeder since 1985 offers stud service and occasional litters. Site includes substantial breed information, photographs, recommendations for prospective buyers, and an "Ask the Breeder" discussion forum.
  • Dogs in Canada: Portuguese Water Dog - Lists Canadian PWD breeders, with brief descriptions and contact information.
  • Escobar's Highland Farm - Good photographs of their farm-raised dogs. Located in the Portsmouth, Rhode Island area.
  • Galaxy Portuguese Water Dogs - Pennsylvania. Kennel history, plus photographs, pedigrees and show records of their dogs.
  • Gemson Portuguese Water Dogs - England. Photographs, pedigrees, OFA and Optigen results, and breeder background.
  • Haleakala Kennels - Photos of adults, puppies, agility, plus several links.
  • High Winds - Montrose, Michigan. Photograph album, breed description, information about their breeding program.
  • Hunter Portuguese Water Dogs - Williamsburg, Michigan. Site includes many photos, breed information.
  • Kamolot Kennels - Ontario, Canada. Photographs, basic breed background.
  • MarĂ© Alta Kennels - Middletown, Rhode Island. Photographs, frequently asked questions.
  • Navio Portuguese Water Dogs - Virginia. Photographs, breeder contracts, breed information. Details about latest litter and puppy application form.
  • Ol' Salt Portuguese Water Dogs - Virginia breeders provide history of the breed and their kennel, stories about living with PWDs and suggestions for prospective owners, and many photographs of adults and puppies.
  • Pedra da Anixa - Breeder located in Portugal provides photographs, pedigree and litter information. Part of the site is in English; much of it is in Portuguese.
  • Portolano - Kennels in British Columbia presents a brief history of the breed.
  • Rysalka Portuguese Water Dogs - Great Britain. Photographs and pedigrees of breeder's dogs, general breed information, history of the PWD in Britain.
  • SaltyDawgPWDs - In-home breeding description, litters, pedigrees, links to health registries, organizations, and the Bravo raw diet. Photographs of the dogs at home, in shows, and doing water work.
  • Sandstone German Shepherds and Portuguese Water Dogs - Breeder near Calgary, Alberta, features photographs, pedigrees and descriptions of their breeding stock and puppies.
  • Seadancer Portuguese Water Dogs - Site includes photos of their three dogs.
  • Sharmink Kennels - Nova Scotia, Canada. Home-based breeder provides photographs, pedigrees, breed background.
  • Sonrisa Portuguese Water Dogs - Photographs from water trials, information about grooming services. Located in Castleton, New York.
  • Sweet Water Seas - Located in southern Michigan. Breed description and history, pedigrees, photographs of adults and puppies in formal and casual situations.
  • Tanaki Kennels - British Columbia, Canada. Photographs and pedigrees of their adult dogs and puppies, description of breeding program, breed profile.
  • Tenmen Kennels - Home breeder provides photographs, pedigree and puppy information.
  • Tesouro Kennels - Bowling Green, Ohio, breeders of PWDs and Chart Polskis. Contact information, photos of several dogs.
  • Timber Oaks Portuguese Water Dogs - Breeder in Traverse City, Michigan, provides photographs and description of litters.
  • Toraq Portuguese Water Dogs - Sacramento, California. Describes home environment, offers breed information, photo galleries, links.
  • Water Dogs of the Redwoods - Located in Connecticut. Site includes information on breed history and characteristics, Courier Water Dogs, many photos.
  • Waterbaby Kennels - Northern California breeder provides many photographs, pedigree, information on the breed, care and grooming.
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