Presa Canario

General Information

  • El Presa - Hundreds of photographs, videos, online book, breed information, history, e-cards, message board, chat, news, surveys, mailing list, rescue, and breeders list. In Italian and English.
  • An Enthusiast's Guide to the Presa Canario - Photographs, breed standard, general information, message board, and links.


  • Cyber Association for the Presa Canario - Working to preserve of the breed Presa Canario and his denomination. Articles, standard, and forum. [English, Italian, and French].
  • International Association for the Presa Canario - Group of mostly personal protection dog owners, trainers, and breeders who work together to preserve and promote the breed. Their constitution and by-laws, description of their temperament test, information on upcoming events, and a membership application.
Rescues And Shelters


  • Antonio's - Kennel philosophy, breed history, and tips for those looking to buy a dog. Houston, Texas.
  • Big Paw - Litter announcements, photographs, and contact information. North Carolina.
  • Breeder's Choice Kennel - Pictures and breed standard. Buena Vista, New Jersey.
  • Cabana Rancho Bravo - Producing dogs for security. Pedigrees, pictures, and a breed description and history. Argentina.
  • Cabeza Grande Kennel - Photographs, training tips, adoptable rescued dogs, and links. Florrisand, Missouri.
  • Crown Presa - Breed standard and history, photographs, and links. Topeka, Kansas.
  • Irema Curto - Breed standard, photographs, pedigrees, articles, and news. Spain.
  • Ordepaifos - Photographs and news. Based in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Perro de Presa Canario - Breeding imports from Spain. Photographs, pedigrees, show results, origin, and standard. Estonia.
  • Petovskeho Dvora - Pictures and show results. Slovakia.
  • Sanders - Pictures, frequently asked questions, and brief breed history. Woodstock, Georgia.
  • Show Stopper - Breed history and standard, photograph gallery, frequently asked questions, and news. Middlesex, New Jersey.
  • Top Notch - Photograph galleries, pedigrees, and comments from previous customers. Dayton, Texas.
  • Topdrive Kennels - Pictures, breeder information, and contact details. United Kingdom.
  • Toskanstyle Kennel - History of the kennel, photographs, breed standard, and litter announcements. Tuscany, Italy. © 2002 - 2012