Redbone Coonhound

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Rescues And Shelters

  • Coonhound Rescue - Bremerton, Washington. Finds new homes for coonhounds and other large scent hounds. A non-profit group staffed by volunteers. Provides listing and pictures of dogs currently seeking permanent homes.
  • Maine Coonhound Rescue - Lists coonhounds and coonhound mixes in need of rescue or currently in foster care. Nationwide.
  • Michigan Coonhound Rescue - Pictures of dogs available for adoption, training tips, rescue poems and stories, dog humor, and spay and neuter information.

  • Beartown Kennels - Breed description, frequently asked questions, pictures, stories, and litter announcements. Baraga, Michigan.
  • Creekside Kennel - Raising old fashion dogs. Pedigrees and news. Windfall, Indiana.
  • RidgeRunner Kennels - Raising old fashion dogs for hunt and companions. Pictures, pedigrees, and news. Haysi, Virginia. © 2002 - 2012