General Information

  • Ariel's Sarplaninac Page - Everything you need to know about this breed; information on care and uses.
  • Sarplaninac - Continental Kennel Club's page of description of the breed.
  • Sarplaninac - Official UKC breed standard; history and detailed physical description.
  • Sharplaninec - Complete breed description with pictures, features the history and standard of the breed as well as the breeding in Macedonian.


Rescues And Shelters


  • Goranin Sarplaninac Kennel - Breeder with photos of dogs.
  • KEF - Breeders of Sharplaninec in Macedonia. Photo galleries, breed history and characteristics.
  • Sarplaninec Breeding Farm - Monumental Spirit breeding farm for the Sarplaninec (Sharplaninetz) dog, in Macedonia, with photos in the breeding section. © 2002 - 2012