Spanish Mastiff

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  • Del Valle Spanish Mastiffs - Photographs. Located in the United States.
  • Desteny Rock - Information about the kennel, breed standard, photographs and show results. Located in Norway.
  • Dobra Rasa - Kennel introduction, FCI standard, history of the breed, description of bithes with pedigrees and show results, photogalleries and puppy information. Located in Poland.
  • Fuente-Alcántara - Breed description, presentation of the dogs and photographs. Located in Belgium.
  • Jusiante - Introduction to the breeders and their dogs, photographs, litters and puppies. Located in Spain.
  • La Casa Dondio - Introduction to the breeders, breed description and photographs. Located in the Netherlands.
  • La Tierra Alta - Photographs, puppies and standard. Located in the United States.
  • Las Cañadas - Breeder introduction, breed description, history, photo gallery, information about puppies, litters, feeding and care. Located in Spain.
  • Mastibe - Breed description, photogallery, show results and planned litters. Located in the Czech. Republic.
  • Of the Witches Meltingpot - Photographs, pedigrees and planned litters. Located in Norway.
  • Pleasant Hill Kennel - Brief breed history and photographs. Located in the United States.
  • The Spanish Mastiff - A Good Friend - General information and photographs. Located in Italy.
  • Spanish Mastiffs - Information about the breed, photographs of Pooka, Ren and puppies. Located in Canada.
  • Tornádo Erben - Information about the breed, FCI standard, show results, photographs of the dogs and litters. Located Czech Republic. © 2002 - 2012