Tibetan Spaniel

General Information

  • Tibetan Spaniel Network - Discover the Tibetan Spaniel, the cute little dog known as a Tibbie. A very extensive site containing about everything you could want to know on Tibbies.

  • Agility Tibbies - A site about the Tibetan Spaniel in agility.
  • Tibbie Magazine - Informational site includes a list of breeders, show results, memorials, and rescue contacts.
  • Tibetan Spaniel Web Ring - Index of sites listed with the Web Ring


Rescues And Shelters


  • Byrebaer - Show news, pictures, and litter announcements. Tasmania, Australia.
  • Kalbi Kennels - Pictures and litter announcements. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Kennel Arundina - Picturess and pedigrees, breeding plans, and news. Finland. [English and Finnish].
  • Lollipops - Photographs and pedigrees. Switzerland.
  • Marshmere - Raising dogs for show and pets. Photographs, litter announcements, and breed history. Novia Scotia, Canada.
  • Midsummer - Photographs of dogs, pedigrees, and links. United States.
  • Spitifire Kennels - Photographs and pedigrees. Ocala, Florida.
  • Substanz - Photographs, show results, and links. Victoria, Australia.
  • Tuulenvartijan - News, litter announcements, pictures, and pedigrees. Mynamaki, Finland.
  • Tuwin - Photographs of dogs and links. United States.
  • Vestal - Photographs of dogs, show news, and pedigrees. Glasgow, Kentucky.
  • Waome - Photographs and pedigrees. Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.
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