General Information

  • The Wolf Dunn - Online resource for information on wolfdogs to help persons learn more about these magnificent creatures and the people who share their lives with them.
  • In The Company of Wolves - Wolfhybrid and wolfdog education, facts and fictions. Information on the care, behavior and responsible ownership of these canines.
  • The Sirius Pack - Canid socialization, education and training.
  • Wolf Is at the Door, The - Slightly graphics intensive, but very interesting site that presents a different view of wolves and wolf-hybrids.
  • wolf Rescue Center - Wolf and wolfdog rescue and no-kill shelter center. Takes in all unwanted wolves and wolfdogs(Hybrids).
  • WolfCry.org - This site was created to educate the prospective wolf dog buyer. It has a public posting board where one can learn from others' first hand experiences regarding wolf dog issues.
  • Wolfdog - Guidelines and articles on wolfdogs, as presented by Wolf Park.
  • Wolfdogs Resource, The - Created to share legal, scientific, news stories and other types of information to wolfdog owners in general.


Rescues And Shelters

  • Candy Kitchen Rescue Ranch - Non-profit organization providing safe sanctuary to abused and abandoned captive-bred wolves and wolfdogs. Focuses on education, ecology and the environment, responsible ownership of wolfdogs and the humane care of all animals.
  • Federal Wolf-Dog Rescue - Pictures and descriptions of available dogs, adoption application and requirements, newsletter, and their wish list.
  • Michigan Wolf Dog Rescue - Non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and rescue of wolfdogs. Fact sheet, adoption application, pictures of dogs in need of homes, and how to help. Marysville.

  • Cottonwoods - Purchasing advise, photographs, breeding plans, health articles, and frequently asked questions.
  • Front Range - Photographs and litter announcements. Colorado.
  • Grizzly Eve's Den - Photographs and information on their dogs, litter announcements, and pictures of wolfdogs dogsledding and doing weight pull. Canada.
  • Hidden Trails - Photographs and description sof their dogs. San Antonio, Texas.
  • Wolves-USA - Photographs and information.
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