Famous Dogs - General Information

  • The Index of Famous Dogs - An extensive resource on all kind of famous dogs - dogs owned by famous people, canine actors, and a special section for dogs on The Simpsons.
  • Media Hounds: The canine stars of film, TV and the stage - A look at the scene-stealing furry stars of Hollywood including Verdell in As Good As It Gets, Dr. Dolittle, and Frasier.
  • Moose - Acting as Eddie on Frasier - The story of this Jack Russell Terrier, starring in the comedy "Frasier".
  • Mr. Winkle - The dog that looks like a stuffed animal has been on tour and on talk shows across the U.S. Facts, photos, a video, and even Mr. Winkle merchandise are all available.
  • Patsy Ann - The white bull terrier who captured the hearts and imagination of Juneau, Alaska, in the 1930's. The spirit of Patsy Ann lives on at the waterfront to this day.
  • Rin Tin Tin Official Web Site - Biography, fan club information, appearances by his descendants, children's activity section, gifts and collectiables.
  • Space Dogs - Famous canine astronauts of the Soviet Union, launched in 1957, with pictures.
  • Taco Bell Dog - An extensive site on Taco Bell Dog - a famous Chihuahua. Including video and audio clips.
  • UGA's Scrapbook - UGA - an English Bulldog - was named the best school mascot in 1997. Presented by Georgia Magazine.
Cartoon Dogs

  • Citizen Dog - A cartoon dog, by Mark O'Hare. The site includes an archive of previous published cartoons.
  • Marmaduke - Information and cartoons of this adorable Great Dane, presented by The Comic Zone. Links to other Marmaduke resources, and Marmaduke virtual post cards.
  • Not In My Backyard - Comic strip with pictures and cartoons about a dog named Oscar the Wiener Dog and his out-of-control backyard. Other characters include Bip and Bap the Yorkshire Terriers, and Grumpa the Wire Fox Terrier.
  • Odie - Meet Garfield's best friend - Odie. Presented by Garfield.com.
  • Snoopy.com - The official Snoopy website, with information on characters, appearances and creator, a daily cartoon (with archive) and activities.
Casting Services

  • Animal Actors - Dogs and cats, and lions, tigers, bears, and horses too. Professional animal actors, animal trainers and wranglers for movies, commercials, print and live performance.
  • Animaux Pets Casting and Modelling. - Port folio, pin-up photo contest, and numerous pictures of dogs available for photo- or film sessions. Located in The Netherlands.
  • Star Pet - Bashkim Dibra, professional dog trainer. Animal-actors workshops designed to transform even the most dedicated couch potato pets into bono fido performing stars.

  • Do You Want a Dog Just Like Lassie - So, you'd like a Collie just like Lassie. Some wonderful advice and information.
  • Lassie Came Home - Written from "Lassie's" point of view, she tells how "love" conquers all, and how Collies are smart, well behaved, and "fit in" with their Master's Plans. Her owners in WS, USA are writers/speakers, and have included her in major parts of Inspirational Romances.
  • Lassie Network - Presents news, information, fan club, products, trivia, contests, and merchandise.
  • LassieNet-L - The purpose of this e-mail list is to provide discussion about Lassie, the celebrity dog.
  • LassieTradingPost - The purpose of this e-mail list is specifically for listing For Sale and Wanted ads for Lassie Collectibles.

Sunnybank and A.P. Terhune

  • Albert Payson Terhune - Devoted to the writings of Albert Payson Terhune. Book, magazines, biographies and information on the Terhune family members, on Sunnybank, and on the Sunnybank Collies.
  • Albert Payson Terhune, Sunnybank, and the Sunnybank Collies - Photographs of Sunnybank, past and present, photographs of the Sunnybank collies, plus excerpts from Terhune's writings about the great Sunnybank collies.
  • Sunnybank - A Visual Tour - Sunnybank - A virtual tour. Stop and see pictures of the place Albert Payson Terhune made famous with his Sunnybank Collies.
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