Hound Group

General Information

  • Dogs Caught in Action - Photos of diverse sighthound breeds caught in action.
  • Hound Breeds Webring - Connecting sites on all Hound Breeds. Listing of member sites.
  • Hound Lovers Webring - Websites about Hound breeds.
  • Hounds - An email discussion group on all hound breeds. Information on how to join and message archives.
  • Our Dog Den - Information, pictures and chat covering activities involving Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Pharaoh Hounds and other Hound breeds.
  • Ring of Scenthounds - Webring connecting sites on all scenthound breeds.
  • Sighthound Review - A bi-monthly journal is dedicated to Sighthound care, conformation, history, art and performance.
  • Sighthounds in the Netherlands - Information about the sighthound breeds, and racing in the Netherlands. Site in three languages.
  • Site Hound Webring - This ring connects sites on all Sighthounds breeds. Information on how to join and an index of member pages.
  • Urbanhound - The site has a veterinarian, an animal-rights lawyer, and a dog trainer fielding questions from users. Message board, newsletter and other Hound information.
  • Whippets and other Sighthounds - General sighthound facts, as well as more breed specific information. Many photos of the dogs.


Rescues and Shelters

  • Broad Creek Hound Rescue - Cncentrating on scent hound rescue in eastern Carolina. Our aim is to recover, rehabilitate and relocate our hounds with loving families.
  • Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue North East - Rescue and rehome Greyhounds & Lurchers in the North East of England. Photo album, merchandise and dogs for rehoming. UK.
  • Greyhound Gap - Takes in and re-homes death row Greyhounds and Lurchers from pounds, and offers specialist support to rescues across England. Forum, list of dogs for homing, and information on greyhounds as pets.
  • Greyhounds In Need - Dedicated to helping racing greyhounds and Spanish hunting galgos and podencos into homes across Europe. News, information and resources.
  • Sheya Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue - Non-profit organisation dedicated to finding responsible loving homes for greyhounds. Dogs for rehoming listed, also lurcher collars for sale and photo gallery. Based Manchester, UK.
  • White Lodge - Small rescue that homes greyhounds, lurchers and longdogs across England. Offers list of dogs seeking homes, newsletter and details of regular events and walks. Based Leicestershire.

  • Anharbn - Raising Cirneco Dell' Etnas, Pharaoh Hounds, and Ibizan Hounds. Pictures, pedigrees, and breed standards. United Kingdom.
  • Askhults - Breeds Irish Wolfhounds, Scottish Deerhounds, and Norfolk Terriers. Provides pedigrees, planned litters, show results, guest book, and a gallery. [Sweden]
  • Casa de S Domingos - Features show pictures of their Portuguese Podengos and Rottweiler. Contact information available. [Portugal]
  • FionnmaĆ« - Breeds Irish Wolfhounds, Border Terriers and Portuguese Podengos. Provides photographs, pedigrees and upcoming litters. [Netherlands]
  • Frontrunner's Kennels - Breeds, shows, and sells Whippets, Italian Greyhounds and Podenco Ibisenco. Includes photographs and show results. [Denmark.]
  • Kaliphna Whippets - Photograph gallery and pedigrees displayed for champion Afghan Hounds and Whippets. Owners breed and show only Whippets now. [Washington.]
  • Kennel Hauenkuonon - Breeds, hunts, and shows Alaskan Malamutes, Russian Hounds and Dacshunds. Provides pictures, pedigrees, news, links, and litter information. [Finland]
  • Kennel Kozlowski - Breeds and shows Borzoi, Hamilton Hound, Swedish Elkhound, and Chinese Crested. Provides kennel information, show pictures, and pedigrees. [Sweden.]
  • Puljon Kennel - Breeders and exhibitors of Ibizan Hounds, Deerhounds, Borzois and Tibetan Terriers with photos. England.
  • Ridgesetter Hounds - Breeding and exhibiting Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Salukis, and Whippets. Breed standards, photographs, and show results. Douglas Park, Sydney, Australia.
  • Skiska - Breeder of Whippets, Pharaoh Hounds and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Photos, pedigrees, and standard. Australia.
  • StripDuke - Breeds, handles, and shows Whippets, Borzoi, Yorkshire Terriers, and cats. Provides pictures, pedigrees, and show information. [Netherlands.]
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