Origins - General Information

  • Canid Genetics - Including the genetic relationship of wolf and dog, and comments on the famous Robert Wayne research papers.
  • Early Man Needs Dog - Evolution of the first dogs in the Middle East, including the Saluki.
  • Molecular Evolution of the Dog Family - The dog family, Canidae, is a diverse group of 34 species ranging in size and proportion from squat, dachshund-like bushdogs to the long-legged maned wolf. Robert K. Wayne examines their genetic relationships.
  • Multiple and Ancient Origins of the Domestic Dog - 1997 Science magazine article. Mitochondrial DNA control region sequences were analyzed from both dogs and wolves, showed considerable diversity and supported the hypothesis that wolves were the ancestors of dogs. Robert K. Wayne, et. al.
  • Primitive Dogs - Article by Bonnie Dalzell, from NetPets.
  • Primitive Thai Ridgeback - Evidence for this primitive breed goes back 5,300 years in this Asian country.
  • References to Wolf/Dog Genetic History - Although the subject continues to be controversial, most authorities agree that all dogs, are descended from wolves which were tamed in the Near East ten or twelve thousand years ago.
  • Stalking the Ancient Dog - Man's best friend may go way back. In-depth feature article by Christine Mlot in Science News Online. (June 28, 1997)
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