Supplies - Treat - Training - Advice and Instruction

  • Ask the Dog Trainer - Advice and answers are available for a fee.
  • Canine Angels - Advice service from a behaviour consultant, as well as FAQ, photographs, games and a business directory.
  • Canine Counselors - Providing services in the home or business. Testimonials and details of the franchise.
  • Canine Learning Center - Offering fee-based phone and e-mail counseling for behavior problems. A rehabilitation camp is also available.
  • Doc Dog - Members can receive individual answers about animal behaviour, and fact sheets are available.
  • Dog Einstein - A course in basic obedience and tricks. Sample lesson, guarantee and testimonials.
  • Dog Training Basics - Offers behavioral and training advice by e-mail, as well as a range of books and articles.
  • 101 dog training tips - Information on classes, programs, equipment and videos.
  • Dogskills - Offering advice and instruction through a video, newsletter and book. FAQ and testimonials.
  • DogTech Victoria - Providing a clinic for behavioural problems and details about a book.
  • Family Pet Consulting - Offering in-home, telephone and e-mail consultations. FAQ, profiles and a behaviour checklist.
  • GoodPuppyDog - Details are given of a book and video, as well as information about a telephone consultation service within the United States.
  • Pawsitive Effects - Puppy-raising guides and e-mail consultations for subscribers.
  • The Pooch Coach - Providing consultations by telephone within the United States. FAQs, tips, and testimonials.
  • Professional Canine Psychotherapist - Offers school-based and distance learning as well as books and videos. Details of qualifications and experience.
  • The Third Way - Offering personal consultations, public speaking, tapes and books.
  • Train The Dog - Offering cassette tapes, consultations and public speaking.
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