Supplies - Training Equipment

  • Absolute Canine Equipment - Supplying Schutzhund equipment and performance supplements.
  • The Article Shop - Offers practice and competiton scent articles, dumbells and bookmarks.
  • Blackthorn - Supplying equipment, clothing and accessories for all protection sports. Illustrated catalogue and descriptions.
  • Commander Sheepdog Whistle - Selling herding whistles, shepherd crooks and identification tags.
  • Eurosport - Protection sport equipment for dogs and decoys, grooming supplies, and bowls.
  • Harddog's Requisites - Equipment for police, military, dog sport and personal protection training. Bite suits, sleeves, muzzles, collars and leads.
  • J and J Dog Supplies - Equipment and products for agility, obedience, and flyball, including jumps, toys and books.
  • Jog-a-Dog - Motorized treadmill exercise system. Illustration and description.
  • K II Enterprises - Offering battery-powered devices which use high frequency sound. Description and testimonials.
  • Pro Line Bags - Supplying bait and accessory bags for obedience and agility. An illustrated catalogue, testimonials and tips.
  • Puppy Power - Supplying clickers and lanyards, with training tips and instructions for tricks. Australia.
  • Schutzhund Dumbbells - Providing an illustrated description with ordering information.
  • Smith Training Equipment - Supplying agility and obedience equimpent including weave poles, jumps, teeters and pause tables, leashes, dumbells and scent articles.
  • Taking the Lead - Offering clickers and related accessories such as treat bags and retractables.

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