Dog Training

  • Canine Behavior and Training List - This moderated group is open to anyone wanting to discuss positive methods.
  • Dog Trainer's Forum - Membership is free, but non-members can access general advice articles.
  • DogSchool - This unmoderated group is for instructors, trainers and interested individuals.
  • Dogtalk - This Australian list is restricted to those using reward-based methods.
  • Dogthink - Mailing list about using positive reinforcement in daily life as well as obedience and agility.
  • Dogtrainerhotlist - Discussions on this free mailing list cover all training methods and offer a range of opinions.
  • Ecollar Plus - This moderated list is for those who use the collar as one part of a balanced programme.
  • Electronic Training - Membership ranges from those who are merely interested through to experienced users of e-collars.
  • GoodDogTraining - Discussion covers all aspects of 'dog friendly training' and behavior modification.
  • The Obedient Dog Forum - Membership is free and topics include all aspects of behaviour and learning.
  • Pos-4-ReactiveDogs - Discussion is invited about using positive methods to deal with stress and excessive reactions to environmental stimuli.
  • Realdogtraining - Membership is open to trainers of all levels who practise 'reality methods' and not just positive motivation.
  • Reality-Bites Dog Training Forum - Membership is free for this wide-ranging discussion group.
  • Start Puppy Training - Mailing list for owners and trainers to discuss positive solutions to common situations.
  • Trick Dog Training - Mailing list for sharing techniques and ideas which can be used with positive reinforcement methods.
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