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Clicker Training
  • American Dog Trainers Network: Clicker Training - Information is given about related sites, books, newsletters and other resources.
  • Clicker Teachers - A searchable list of trainers using this method in the United States and other countries.
  • Clicker Training Fast Start - A step-by-step guide includes suggestions about treats, clickers, and shaping.
  • Clicker Training for Deaf Dogs - Provides alternative ways to mark desired behaviour.
  • ClickerTrain - A centre in Virginia offers local classes, nationwide seminars, and free on-line sample articles from their Journal.
  • ClickTrain Discussion Group - Companion site for the ClickTrain mailing list.
  • Gary Wilkes' Click and Treat - A founder of this method offers free articles, a schedule of seminars and a list of products for sale.
  • Introduction to Clicker Training - An owner/trainer in New Zealand provides definitions and an outline of the process.
  • K9 Clickers - Free articles can be downloaded which cover basic and advanced methods.
  • Karen Pryor's Clicker Training for Dogs - Basic information is provided as well as problem-solving and opportunities for further learning and involvement.
  • Paws Plus - Articles from the Nashville Pet Gazette cover problem-solving and specific exercises.
  • Tails a Waggin' Online - Tips and articles with solutions for common problems.
  • The Well Mannered Dog - Site of trainer and teacher Shirley Chong. Includes a list of products and services, photo gallery, mailing lists, and training tips.
  • PBS Scientific American Frontiers: Wilkes - Interview with Gary Wilkes about training.
  • Click for Success - An unmoderated list about obedience, tracking, conformation, agility, herding and obtaining titles.
  • Click-Dogs - An unmoderated list about using positive reinforcement.
  • ClickerTrix - Mailing list for discussing training and tricks.
  • Click-L Website - Offers archives and free subscription for the mailing list, as well as background information and resources.
  • ClickSport - Unmoderated list about using this method in different fields such as agility, flyball, obedience, conformation, lure coursing and freestyle.
  • ClickSupport - A specific behaviour is submitted every two weeks and contributions are invited from members on their progress towards it.
  • ClickTeach - The focus of this list is on teaching others, whether as an unpaid hobby or a professional enterprise.
  • DalClickertrain - Mailing list for those with Dalmatians.
  • Fair-Click - Mailing list for those advocating and practising reward-based, motivational methods.
  • NickNClick - Mailing list about operant conditioning techniques, including the use of electronic collars.
  • OC-Assist-Dogs - Operant conditioning is discussed in relation to assistance dogs.
  • SA Clickers - Mailing list for enthusiasts in South Africa.
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